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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Reasons to Spend Your Honeymoon in Maldives - Visiting a sensational archipelago

If you ever wondered why Maldives has long since been identified as a top honeymoon destination, this article is for you. Here are top 5 reasons to go to Maldives for your special getaway.


It's cheaper than you think

You may be tempted to think of Maldives as a destination that is going to make a massive dent in your wallet. But the truth is, it is no longer so. Local tourism has picked up in Maldives, now opening its arms to budget travellers as well as to luxury travellers. Whereas honeymoon packages to Maldives earlier would include only luxury resorts and seaplanes, now you have the options of staying with locals on an inhabited island and explore the local culture and whatnot. Some of these packages come complete with airfare, food, and even some activities as well. As a package deal, they are definitely worth the price and is rather cheaper than you would believe.


There is no particular season to visit

One of the hardest things to navigate when selecting a honeymoon destination is the season. While you would want to go somewhere when it is in season, the sun out high and the weather crystal clear, it might not really overlap with your wedding plans. This is why Maldives is a cut above the rest. While there is a tourist season in Maldives, the country is extremely welcoming during the offseason too. In fact, the offseason might see even larger resorts like Maldives Resorts Club providing discounts, which can be a great help to your wallet.


Seclusion is easy to come by

You are on your honeymoon. As much as you would like to explore local culture and customs, you also want a bit of seclusion to lose yourself in each other. Maldives is the perfect location for this. Depending on the sort of island you choose as your destination, you might be all on your own, with other couples, or with families. Try to opt for an island with other couples to make sure the ambience is just right.


There is a lot to do

Maldives is not just about lounging on the beach. It is not just about snorkelling or diving and exploring the world below water either. Maldives is many things including a cultural experience. You can spend a lazy day at the beach or an exciting one island hopping. There is never a dull day on the islands, and you have a diverse set of activities to choose from.


It might disappear

As sad as it is, if the weather patterns are to continue, Maldives would soon be fully submerged. It could very well be your last chance to visit this magical archipelago and admire one of nature's most artistic creations. It would an adventure of a lifetime to look back on, several decades from now, and realize that the island escape that gave you such a memorable honeymoon no longer exists on the map of the world.

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