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Life-changing User Onboarding and Customer Experience Resources

The most useful resources about User Onboarding and Customer Success for SaaS companies, product managers, and customer success managers.

13 Tips To Improve User Onboarding From SaaS Leaders

Here's what 13 SaaS leaders shared when we asked them their #1 tip to improve user onboarding. This is a must read for anyone in the SaaS industry!

Bulletproof User Onboarding – UX of User Onboarding

In 2006, I made a big decision: I resolved to throw everything I had into pursuing a career in software design. I’d been handcrafting GeoCities-like websites for myself and others since the late…

Different Ways to Onboard Trial Users and Their UX Score

What is the most efficient way to onboard trial users and convert them into paying customers? Let's look at different strategies and assess impact on UX

7 Awesome Tips to Ramp Up Your B2B Customer Onboarding Process

If you run the sales, marketing, or customer experience for a SaaS product, it's time to take your customer onboarding experiences to the next level. Read on to learn how to make the most out of every engagement opportunity.

Six Advanced Onboarding Steps that Lead to Retention


                        Marco van Bree

                                March 23, 2017, 2:51 pm                         

5 Tips for successful user onboarding

User onboarding can make a user fall in love or leave a product forever. We bring you 5 tips & best practices to design an enjoyable experience. Let's go!

User Onboarding Steps That Can Make or Break Your SaaS Business

How to create a great CX that leads to retention and advocacy from the very first interaction with a customer through user onboarding and customer success.

Optimizing the User Onboarding Process by Leveraging Interaction and Feedback

Onboarding is a vital interaction between the user and the product. It is one of the first touch points for the user in the process of adopting the product. Onboarding also provides an opportunity for the product to create an endearing impression on the user so that she/he may come back and explore it further.

Think of onboarding as the ideal opportunity to communicate with the user and take them through the journey of how your product helps the user accomplish their goals. However, this communication with the user doesn’t have to be just one-way.

The Twelve Days of User Onboarding: The 12 Necessary Traits For A Successful User Onboarding Process… With A Holiday ...

Enjoy Christmas Carols? We broke down the 12 necessary traits of a successful User Onboarding process- with a holiday twist.

How User Onboarding Can Drive Better Activation and Conversions

But is that the only goal? Absolutely not. Onboarding is not just about ‘educating’ the user on how to use the product. If that were the case, why not just call it user-ed? Onboarding is a chance to…