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06 Tips when Travelling to Dubai – How to Stay Safe and Have Fun

Travelling to Dubai one must be aware of certain rules, what is the dress code? Can alcohol be consumed and are waiters tipped? Do read on for a list of do's and don'ts when in Dubai.


When to Visit

The best time to visit is between October and April. The city is really home to just one season unless of course, you look at hot and hotter as two separate seasons. There is, of course, a 'winter season'; this falls between the months of October and April, and 'no' there is no snowfall. The season is so named due to the cooler winds and perfect sunny skies beach weather that prevails. The 'winter season' is also the rainy season in Dubai, but you will only experience mild showers and it rarely rains the entire day.


Check Out your Flights at Least Six Months in Advance

You don't have to buy the airline tickets six months in advance, but it is good to start checking right about this time. Its common knowledge that most airlines offer their cheapest seat options six months prior to the departure date. Check flight details and do compare prices amongst a number of airlines, in order to settle for the best option. Buying tickets at least a month in advance would be a wise move.


Do Book your Hotel a Few Months in Advance

Dubai is a top tourist destination and October to April is the high season, hence, securing popular accommodation at places similar to AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel will be slim if you go looking at the last minute. Look around, do your research and book your Dubai hotel at least 3 months in advance, remember last minute bookings will also carry higher rates. Hotels in Dubai Deira district are immensely popular as they are surrounded by a wealth of attractions both new and old; booking accommodation at one of these resorts will prove to be convenient and a marvellous experience.


Respect the Traditions and Culture of Ramadan

Should you be visiting Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, which is celebrated around the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, show your respect. This is a time of fasting for the Muslims and eating, drinking or smoking in their presence between, sunset and sunrise is considered rude and dis-respective.


Plan to Dress Modestly

Pack clothes that are not revealing, see through or too short. These types of garment are considered indecent, as a woman's attire must be modest when in Dubai. Men too should take care to not walk around minus a shirt. You may want to pack a few shawls, which will come in handy whenever you are sightseeing religious sites.


Never Take Pictures without Permission

You must never take pictures of government buildings, military barracks, airports etc. Other than for clicking general vistas of touristy locations, you must never take a photograph with, or of, a stranger without prior permission. It is also forbidden to take pictures of Muslim women. Respect the culture and follow the rules. Remember you are a tourist and are merely visiting this land.