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Home Life Care, Inc.

The care that you need at home is what we provide! Home Life Care, Inc. is ready to visit you in your home soon. Let’s start with a home care needs assessment. Call 800-819-8988 today!

Fall Prevention: What You Can Do at Home

Fall and injuries are very common among seniors. It is not just because of old age but our body may not be as efficient and agile as it was before.

3 Ways to Achieve Happy Aging

We all want to grow old happy. We want to enjoy life even in our golden days. Perhaps, we would want to use our free time to travel or to visit our family every now and then. But because our age could stop us from being active, we might think twice before actually doing something fun. Aging need not be boring. With the right senior care and caregiver, you might just love staying at home.

A Sugary Life Tragedy: 7 Ways How Too Much Sugar Destroys Your Health

You have probably heard this statement a million times. Do you believe it? Well, you should. By sugar, we are not talking about the natural sugars found in fruits.

Is Home Care Right for Your Elderly Parents?

Obviously, we all want the best for our elderly parents, but sometimes it is impossible for us to provide our parents with the care deserve. It can be because we simply do not have the time between work, responsibilities, and caring for our own families.

The Importance Of Daily Activities

Personal Care Services may sound like an umbrella term for many, but these are actually very specific practices that require utmost care and attention when being accomplished. In short, it’s definitely no walk in the park.


The elderly individuals in your family may find it difficult to navigate your homes day-to-day, especially because of their age and health conditions where they are at risk for falls. These random falls may seem trivial to some, but these could have adverse effects on their weaker health conditions. That is why it is important to ensure that your homes are arranged in ways that are fall-free.

Improving Your Health at an Advanced Age

The older people get, the more their health declines. This is a natural process but it is a process that can eventually prevent them from living the lifestyles they love. However, there is a way to slow down this process! Different healthy lifestyle choices such as regular exercise, healthy diet, and even proper sleep can go a long way in keeping you as healthy as possible. Home Life Care, Inc. is a Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Ahoskie, North Carolina that is committed to helping you live a better life at home, while giving you the support you need.

How Does Home Life Care, Inc. Put "Home" in Home Care Services

Getting home care services is a life-changing decision for the patient and the rest of the family. It has perks and advances that will grant everyone time, security, and peace of mind. However, picking the right home care provider has never been an easy task. Criticism must be exercised sparingly. When you choose a home care service source, you think of the level of proficiency to be delivered to satisfy the patients’ sensitive needs. Ultimately, you will want to know how they differ from others.

6 Ways to Keep Elderly Family Members Safe When Around Pets

Several health experts around the globe agree that keeping and raising pets is beneficial to senior citizen. The lively and cute creatures help our grannies overcome loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Some even claim that long exposure to animals boosts the elderlies’ immune system, thus fortifying their bodies against common diseases.

Power Foods for the Bones

Before we reach thirty-one, our body rebuilds tiny pieces of broken bones fast; but at the age of thirty, our body reaches its peak bone mass. When we already reach thirty-one, our body loses bones more than it gains. Hence, the more bones we lose past this age.

Physical Exams You Need to Get Regularly

Ideally, every person, whether young or old, needs to get a physical check-up annually. By visiting the doctor for regular check-ups, we could monitor our health and in case we get sick, the doctors will have a reference of our medical history. But most of us fail to follow this.

For the Older Members of the Family: Keep Yourself Healthy and Fit

Here are 4 ways how you can keep yourself healthy and fit even if you are way beyond your years:

5 Habits Seniors Need to Avoid in Order to Age with Less Worries

All of us have habits. But there are some of us who are guilty of having bad ones. These habits risk our health including our happiness and finances.

Sleeping Disorders in Seniors Could Have Devastating Effects

Getting a good night’s sleep lifts mood, increases strength, and boosts the ability of the body to fight infection.

How Home Care Benefits Your Senior Loved One with Dementia

Learning about your senior loved one’s dementia diagnosis can be overwhelming.

What You Should Know About Home Care

When you are looking for a non-medical home care agency in Ahoskie, North Carolina, it is both a test and a battle.

STOP, Look and Listen: A Fall Prevention Strategy

Avoiding falls at home is one of the greatest worries that family caregivers encounter when they are caring for someone who has balance or mobility issues.

Respite Care: Family Caregivers, Here Are Some Stress-Relieving Activities for You

As a provider of home life care services in North Carolina, we know the vast challenges of caring for the basic needs of a person.

5 Ways that Home Care can Assist a Person with a Disability at Home

The assistance of personnel from a non-medical home care agency in Ahoskie, North Carolina is truly essential especially if you have a loved one with a disability at home.

Eleven Powerful Quotes to Convey the Importance of Self-Care

Personally taking care of your loved one is not a bad thing. In fact, being a family caregiver is a very noble act to do. However, this should not mean that you have to stop taking care of yourself.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Personal Care Services

Your loved ones deserve all the care they need and want now that they’re old. Yes, you want to be hands-on in taking care of them. But here are the signs you really need expert help for your sake and their own safety

Respite Care and Its Inclusions

Are you looking after a sickly relative at home? Or are you taking charge of the care of an elderly loved one living in your home? If yes, you have probably felt exhausted and burned out. There are times when the tasks and responsibilities are too much for you to bear. When these situations happen, it’s wise to avail of respite care along with personal care services in Ahoskie, North Carolina.

Occupational Therapy for Home Health Patient

Occupational therapy, a method that helps people lead an independent and productive life by allowing patients to recover or develop skills needed to complete daily tasks, is one of the most effective therapies for seniors engaged in home life care services in North Carolina. Let us unfold the common benefits of occupational therapy for home health patients.

Effective Ways to Improve Seniors’ Mental Health

Mental health has been a major issue in seniors who receive personal care services in Ahoskie, North California. Embracing the fact that depression, loneliness, and other conditions are a real and a serious threat to seniors’ cognitive health is the first step in improving their mental health. After that, the best way would be knowing what you can do to improve it. And to help you with that, here’s a short list of effective ways to improve one’s mental health:

Keeping the Bones Strong as You Age

True enough, our bones tend to lose strength as we get older. Still, there are numerous ways you can do to prevent falls and fractures. However, if you have a high risk of osteoporosis, exercising may not be suitable for you and some medicines to treat osteoporosis may affect your appetite. Find out what you can do to keep your bones healthy as you age.