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Prepping Information - Everyone needs to be Ready!

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If you’ve been prepping for any length of time then these may be a refresher or they may be brand new. If you’re just starting in the prepping/preparedness world, then these will most likely be […]

40 Tips Every Prepper Should Know - Ready Lifestyle

In the world of prepping no one knows everything. These tips may be a refresher or they could be new to you. Either way there's something in here for you.

The Best Post Collapse Vehicle - Ready Lifestyle

Fuel is going to be in short supply following any kind of collapse. It doesn’t matter what the event was. This is where a quality bike comes into play.

Controlling Bleeding "Put Your Hands on the Red" - Ready Lifestyle

Controlling bleeding can seem overwhelming if you haven't received the proper training. This article will explain how and why you stop bleeding.

How to Stop a Vehicle with Gunfire - Ready Lifestyle

With the recent increase of vehicles being used as weapons by terrorists, it is important that we discuss how to effectively stop a vehicle.

“I’m going to kill everybody!” The Resurgence of Homicidal Preppers

I’ve seen a surge in what I call the homicidal prepper. These people claim they are going to hide in their homes and kill everyone that approaches.

Using Animal Medication During a Collapse / SHTF

During disasters doctors and hospitals can be unavailable to us. In these times, we may have to use animal medication to treat the infections we encounter.

Preparing for a Flood - Get Ready Before the Water Starts Rising

Floods kill more people every year than lightning, hurricanes or tornadoes. They also cause roughly $5 billion in damages in the U.S. alone.

Personal Hygiene After a Disaster - Staying Clean Can Keep You Alive

The benefits of personal hygiene following a disaster cannot be underestimated. Keep these items in your bug out bag and staying clean won't be a problem.

Bug-in or Bug-out? That is the Question. |

Deciding to bug-out or bug-in is a personal choice. However, deciding to bug-in or bug-out could make the difference between life and death.

The Best Bug Out Bag List (2017) - Make the Best Bug Out Bag for You!

Bugging out should be a last resort, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be ready. This bug out bag list will get you prepared for nearly any situation.

The Survival Axe - The Piece of Gear You May Have Overlooked

A survival axe is one of the most efficient tools in a survival situation. This one piece of gear can easily be the difference between life and death.

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack - What You Need to Know

This article covers how to survive a nuclear attack, what you need to do to prepare for a nuclear attack and what happens during a nuclear attack.

Prepping for an Online Attack - The Need for a VPN

If you’re interested in protecting yourself online, then a VPN is a must. They can help you protect yourself from many online attacks.

Can You Wear Contacts in a SHTF? • Ready Lifestyle

There are many downsides to wearing contacts in a post-collapse environment. Prepare in advance so you won't be tempted to!

The Essentials to Survive a House Fire |

Fire is one of the deadliest events that can strike. This article will explain how to survive a fire should it happen to strike your home.

6 Worst Waterborne Diseases in the United States |

Waterborne diseases consistently rank among the top killers each year. The worst waterborne diseases kill more people than any natural disaster.