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compare broadband providers

glimp is a comparison website for utilities, such as broadband, power and gas. We are on a mission to help Kiwis compare internet providers, compare power companies and compare car insurance quotes.

compare power prices nz

glimp is a comparison website for utilities, such as broadband, power and gas. We’re on a mission to help Kiwis save time and money by providing a free, easy-to-use service. Hop on board to compare broadband, power, car insurance, mortgage, personal loan, car loan and credit card providers.

compare car insurance quotes

We’re relatively new – we launched in January 2016 – but we’ve already got the press buzzing. Media agencies such as Stuff, NZ Herald, Solarcity, Truenet and nbr have mentioned our innovative site, and our customer testimonials keep on growing. We do our research and update glimp regularly, so you’ve always got accurate data in front of you.

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glimp is located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and everywhere else in New Zealand. If you’d like to save some bucks, we can help you compare internet prices, compare mortgage rates and help you with cheap car insurance.

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How do we work? The companies listed on our website pay us a conversion fee whenever you sign up to them from glimp. This means we can give Kiwis free access to valuable information, and advertise local businesses at the same time. It’s a win-win!

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