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BRC Access Care, Inc.

At BRC Access Care, Inc., our priority is to bring outstanding home care services for clients located in Lincolnwood and neighboring cities all over Illinois. We maintain a high level of quality in providing home care to serve clients as they maintain their health or live out their elderly years right where they live.

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Senior Home Care Services in Lincolnwood Illinois - Talk to us about Live-In Care, Caregiving and ADL Assistance for your loved one by calling 847-674-2388.


Caregiving can be a very arduous task, especially when you have other things to attend to.


At BRC Access Care, Inc., our priority is to bring outstanding home care services for clients located in Lincolnwood and neighboring cities all over Illinois. We maintain a high level of quality in providing home care to serve clients as they maintain their health or live out their elderly years right where they live. Our in-home care company was established to answer the varied care requirements of the elderly, the frail, homebound, alone and maybe at risk, recovering after hospitalization and/or newly discharged from the nursing home or rehabilitation facility.

4 Ways in Showing Your Parents You Love Them

Share the best part of your memories with your parents. You can show your gratitude to them by giving them back the love they deserve. There are so many ways to do it.

7 Tips for Hiring Caregivers for Your Senior Loved Ones

Individuals who have already reached old age often encounter troubles and face struggles with daily living. Mobility and strength issues more often limit their capability to live by themselves. They can certainly use a good amount of help from others.

7 Questions You Might Want to Ask Caregivers Before Hiring Them

Hiring a caregiver should not be done haphazardly. After all, your loved one’s health is at stake. You need to exercise caution and take measures to hire the best caregiver who will assist and care for your loved one. Part of hiring a caregiver is the interview. You definitely want to know more about the professional you wish to hire. Here are some questions that you might want to ask prior to receiving home care services from a certain caregiver.

The Benefits of Companionship in a Senior’s Life

Proper nutrition, exercise, and enough sleep are the common ingredients to having a long, healthy, and happy life. However, researchers claim it lacks one ingredient: companionship.

Selecting A Caregiver: 5 Red Flags To Watch Out For

Different medical conditions are affecting a lot of people. Their existing conditions make it hard for the patients to function.

Why Choose Us | Home Care in Illinois | BRC

BRC is a non-medical home care provider situated in Lincolnwood, Illinois. For inquiries, call 847-674-2388.

What Makes a Caregiver the Right One?

Many of us are busy people and have a lot going on in our lives. However, when an elderly family member gets diagnosed with an illness, we are quick to put everything on hold to hire an appropriate professional to care for them. One of the leading providers of Home Care in Lincolnwood, Illinois believes that it’s simply not enough to hire someone who knows how to do the job, but an individual that is dedicated and passionate, and able to form a connection with their charges. After all, caregivers should be attuned to their patient’s individual needs so as to provide for those needs in the best way possible.

The Importance of the Caregiver Screening Process

The well-respected providers of Home Care in Lincolnwood, Illinois believe in the right screening process for caregivers. It should involve physical examinations, competency tests, background checks, and much more. The matching process is incredibly essential as well as it lets you know if the candidate can connect with your loved one on an emotional level.

Careful Screening Helps You Enjoy Quality Time With Your Caregiver

Upholding one’s dignity is an important mission in the healthcare industry and it needs to be lived out for every care and client involved. As for the client, it is their every right to have the chance to screen a caregiver whom they are about to take on, and for the healthcare provider, it is their duty and obligation to have and endorse employees who are fit in mind and body to give out responsibilities needed for Home Care in Lincolnwood, Illinois.

Getting a Caregiver Through an In-home Care Agency

The need for extra hands to assist you in caring for a family loved one can become more urgent in the late elderly years. The elderly person will have greater care needs compared to when they were younger. The family caregiver can do so much with someone else assisting them, especially as a temporary replacement when they need to get a much-needed break.

What to Expect When Hiring a Caregiver

Are you on a quest to get reliable help from providers of Home Care in Lincolnwood, Illinois? One aspect that you have to pay careful attention to is the job description of the care providers. You have to be able to set your expectations correctly so that there will be no differences of opinion in the long run. It’s vital that you will specify the task requirements you need assistance on.

When Does a Senior Loved One Need a Caregiver?

Aging in place is a very common concept we attribute to our senior loved ones who want to spend their senior years in their very own home. This preference is in fact shared by many seniors according to the AARP. About 87% of the American seniors that they have interviewed claimed that they want to stay in their own homes as they spend the rest of their retirement years.

Strategies to Get a Reputable Care Provider

The search for the ideal care provider can be long and arduous for many of you. Indeed, this can be anybody’s experience especially that there are also many options available when it comes to senior homecare services in Lincolnwood Illinois.

Consequences of Medication Non-Adherence

Both the prescribed and over-the-counter medications are intended to meet the health needs of a person. So, when your loved ones have regular medications they need to take, ensure that they adhere to the instructions related to their meds.

The Benefits of Volunteering in Charity Organizations

How active is your senior loved one in participating activities outdoors? As trusted providers of senior homecare services in Lincolnwood Illinois, we say that joining activities along with other people can benefit your loved one’s overall wellbeing.

Hiring Top Talent for Our Company

As the premier provider of Home Care in Lincolnwood, Illinois, it has always been our aim to provide the finest care services to all the families in the community. This is why we always give our best in our recruitment process to find the right people to deliver quality care for you.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Caregiver

A caregiver is a person who provides professional care to individuals suffering from physical or emotional illness. They ensure that your loved one gets proper attention with regards to their daily needs like meal preparation, medication management, and personal hygiene.

Choosing a Caregiver: 3 Warning Signs to Know

Aging, medical conditions, and disabilities may lead to various limitations in what individuals can do at home. These limitations may compromise the safety, comfort, and quality of life of the individuals. Engaging with providers of Home Care in Lincolnwood, Illinois can help keep them safe, comfortable, and independent in their own homes.

3 Pros of Getting a Caregiver from a Home Care Agency

Engaging with trusted providers of Home Care in Lincolnwood, Illinois is a top option for a lot of families who have aging or sick members. With help from home care providers, your loved ones do not have to go to or even reside in a healthcare facility just to get the care they need.