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Fitness Blogs

Some great fitness, health, nutrition and exercise blogs for you to check out...
Getting Back In Shape with Doug Champigny

Flirting With Fitness publisher and certified personal trainer Doug Champigny shares fitness, nutrition, bodybuilding and weightlifting tips for those working out to get back in shape at any age.

Get Fit - Start The Year Right!

Getting in shape is a must for a fit, healthy, happy life - it's time to start the year right & get in shape starting today!

Health & Wellness Info

The Health & Wellness blog is the Health section of Teri's Health And Fitness - Here you'll find information on health issues, wellness, diet and nutrition for everyday use.

Mastering Mindsets & Igniting Relationships With Susan Preston

Flirting With Fitness celebrity blogger Susan Preston shares her expertise in mindset and relationships that have made her so famous in her field - be sure to visit regularly for tips on mastering your mindset and igniting your relationships!

Fitness & Exercise Info

The Health & Wellness blog is the Health section of Teri's Fitness & Exercise - Here you'll find information on fitness issues, exercise, working out and bodybuilding for everyday use.

Life In The Groove at 50 and Beyond with Tina Anderson

Orange County, California fitness guru Tina Anderson offers fitness, nutrition and lifestyle tips and advice to help you live life with a passion and enjoy an active, fit lifestyle through your 50's, 60's and beyond, living life in the Groove!

Muscle Building

Bodybuilding is a sport of building muscle. Bigger and stronger is the name of the game. One of the great things about bodybuilding is that you can achieve great results with only very basic equipment and a few hours of training three to four times per week.

The key to building bigger and stronger muscles is to keep progressively adding more and more weight over time. Building bigger muscles is about consistent regular training, eating properly, getting plenty of rest, and lots of weight at low repetitions.

As a starting any new exercise program, is important a first check with your physician ...

Lifestyle and Strength | The lifestyle site for those devoted to a strong body, a healthy mind and a well-fed soul.

Mmmmmm, baked spaghetti squash! A great alternative to pasta with all the benefits of super food squash and the antioxidant power of sage. Guilt free indulgence!

Well of Health

The Well of Health is a women’s health resource blog for food, fitness, thoughts on faith, and stories from people like you. Stop by for a visit!


Fitness news, reviews and advice from UsFitties with a difference - a philanthropic venture, UsFitties writers offer their time free of charge, and all proceeds from advertising and sales are given to charity.

Get fit, lose fat, build muscle and live better, while helping good causes.

Fun and Fit: fitness experts and identical twins, Kymberly and Alexandra answer your exercise questions with wit, acc...

Get answers to your fitness questions on weight loss, fat loss, exercise, fitness, walking, working out, healthy eating, resistance training and other work out matters from exercise professionals, authors, writers, radio hosts, emcees, editors, fitness leaders, Kymberly and Alexandra. Personal trainers, instructors

Health Habits

Health Habits is fitness blog with daily workout tips and health advice from a personal trainer, Douglas Robb.

Hive Health Media

Health Blog Network - Daily tips and expert advice for healthy living, fitness, nutrition, exercise, dietary supplements and resistance training.

Dietary Supplement Reviews

Dietary Supplement Reviews plus Vitamin and Nutrition Research by Jarret Morrow, MD


I'm a regular woman who loves running, crossfit and life. I blog about my ups and downs in lifting and racing and share tips on how to I've found ways to improve.

Running Rachel | Running Mom Blog | Christian Mom BlogYour SEO optimized title

Running Rachel is about a blogging mom to three little boys. She shares her adventures as she runs to keep her sanity and her faith.

Dietkart Blog

Get updated health and nutrition information including facts and benefits of health, sports and beauty care products

Huge List of 94 Best Body weight Exercises Ever for Men & Women !!

Just like the gladiators, the strongest and fittest survive ... and they also get noticed.

Demand for Organic Food Products Online in India on the Uptick

That's the question more and more consumers are asking in supermarkets across the nation. Sales of organic food have grown dramatically over the last decade - soaring from $3 billion in 1997 to more than $10 billion in 2003, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Tricks and Secrets to live Healthy & longer life - Infographic

The longevity tricks and secrets to how to live to 100 and look younger , and enjoying excellent health in the next 50 years for your life are, at a glance, quite simple.There are key areas that in which you can strive to improve each day:keep your stress levels low:

Angel V Devil

Food, Fitness, News and Reviews. Stay connected. Stay inspired. Stay healthy

Health & Fitness Ninja@Kinja

Some find running unappealing because it exhausts your entire body and you have to keep doing it for quite some time. This is because most people train for endurance, but that's not necessary. running on a tradmill is an excellent alternative that essentially involves working much harder for a shorter period of time....

Yoga Therapy for Everyone!

Welcome to Yoga Therapy! Yoga is an ancient system meant to enhance your life and lifestyle. Why? -decrease pain -improve posture -enhance performance -feel peaceful and positive Whatever your goals, let us work together to bring you into natural symmetry and balance...