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Heatwave’s Ten Best Songs (ranked by DJRob)

In memory of the late Keith Wilder, co-lead singer and cofounder of the ‘70s dance/funk band Heatwave who died on Sunday, October 29, 2017, at age 65, has ranked the ten best songs by his band.

In Heatwave, Wilder’s tenor vocals were the yin to his big brother Johnnie’s falsetto’s yang. Keith provided the gruff vocals that kicked off big disco hits from Heatwave’s heyday, including “Boogie Nights” and “The Groove Line.” His opening lines on those two songs alone were like musical calls-to-arms that made you take notice. “Pack your grip...takin’ you on a trip” was the line that kicked off “The Groove Line,” while the opening salvo to “Boogie Nights” (“Ain’t no doubt, we are here to party!) literally left no doubt what Heatwave’s aim was.

Both songs are included in this countdown, along with those on which his late brother Johnnie provided lead vocals (“Always and Forever” and “Mind Blowing Decisions” among others).

So pick up those dancin’ feet and scroll through the below list to see how your your favorite Heatwave songs stacked up!


Honorable Mention: “One Night Tan” (1979)

Not only did this second single from their 1979 album Hot Property not chart very high, it didn’t chart at all! However, it was a guilty pleasure of much so that it reached No. 1 on my personal Top 40 charts during that summer. See Keith Wilder lead the group through some hot dance moves on a June 1979 episode of Soul Train in the above link.

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