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As a Home Care Service Provider in Hawaii, our services are focused on providing care for seniors in their own home environments. Care can be schedule on an hourly or daily basis. Intermittent or respite care can also be arranged.

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Home Care Service Provider in Hawaii - Drop by our website at or call our Home Care staff at 808- 747-Care (2273).

Why Seniors Should Exercise Regularly

It is important for senior citizens to exercise on a regular basis in order to maintain their health and to stay independent. This is where Helping Hands Health Care can assist you, the recognized Home Care Service Provider in Hawaii. We specialize in helping senior citizens live their lives easier at home, and one way to do that is by providing the support they need to exercise safely. Here are some of the benefits of exercising at an advanced age:

Making Life Easier at Home as a Senior Citizen

You can’t deny that life is vastly different for senior citizens. You have to be more careful where you walk and the small things may be more difficult to do. You might not have the energy to keep pursuing what you love, and life offers unique issues that you never had to deal with before. However, just because you are getting older it does not mean that life has to become more challenging. Helping Hands Health Care, Home Care Service Provider in Hawaii strives to provide the support at home you need for a better life. Here is how we can help you today:

4 Things to Immediately Do After Availing for Respite Care - Helping Hands Healthcare

Tell your loved one: It can be quite difficult to tell your loved one that you’re going to take a break for a while, especially if you know how they’ll react to the news. Make sure that you’ve already planned what you’re going to tell them, to avoid giving off the impression that you’re abandoning them or you’re sick of taking care of them. It can also help if you tell your loved one about who is the caregiver that will take your place for a while to put their mind at ease.

Why In-home Care Is Better Than You Think

As a responsible and loving adult that you are, it is only right to give back to your aging parents. You want to make sure that you are by their side always, keeping them company, and creating wonderful memories together.

How to Prevent Elderly Abuse and Neglect

Everyone is susceptible to being abused and neglected; even the elderly are not exempted from the horrors of these menaces. Abuses and neglect have greater devastating effects on the elderly. They can affect a person’s well-being; their physical and mental health.

Maintaining Your Independence at an Advanced Age

The last thing that any of us wants to let go of is our independence. As we get older, it can become harder and harder to hold on to this independence but with the help of a professional Home Care Service Provider in Hawaii such as Helping Hands Healthcare, you can receive in-home care services you deserve at home.

One-on-One Care: The Support You Deserve

Helping Hands Healthcare is a Home Care Service Provider in Hawaii that can provide you with the one on one in-home care services you deserve. From our personal care services to our homemaking, we can help make life easier and less stressful for you.

4 Reasons Why Aging in Place Can Make Seniors Healthier and Happier

Have You or Your Senior Loved Ones Decided to Age in Place? You’ve made the right choice. Let’s make your experience even better and secure your shot at a more meaningful life by seeking elder care assistance with Helping Hands Healthcare.

Why Is Independence Important to Seniors?

Happiness, success, and other important life milestones are often achieved through our independence. Our parents have taught us to stand on our own, walk without help, and care for ourselves – and this lesson has been etched with us throughout life.

Reasons Why Home Care Is the Better Option for Your Aging Parents

Part of aging is the need to be assisted in your everyday living. That is why we know that most of you are weighing the benefits of entrusting your parents to home care providers or assisted living facilities.

Do you Need Help in Caring for Your Aging Parent?

When we decided to take care of our parents on our own, we already had a hint that it would be difficult. We knew that caring for them in our house would not be a walk in the park. But some of us have not known all the possibilities yet when we took this challenge.

Health Miracles of Laughter

Seeing our elderly parents and grandparents laugh is a gem. Their laughter is one of the signs that they are happy. But are you aware that laughter can give more than just the present giggle to our adult loved ones? Do you know that having a good laugh could bring health miracles to them too?

5 Benefits of Having a Personal Caregiver

Have you been thinking about what type of care would best suit your senior loved one?

5 Simple Joys That Come with Aging at Home

Being able to see your senior loved ones sport a smile or share a laugh is a kind of treasure no amount of money can buy.

Home Care Is More Accessible Than You Think

Many senior citizens do not get the home care services they deserve because they believe that it is too expensive or that they will not receive the support they need. However, home care services are actually much more accessible, beneficial, and helpful than you would think.

How Can You Benefit from In-Home Care Services?

Chores can become exhausting, errands can be time-consuming, and living on our own can feel impossible.

The Biggest Mistake You Don’t Want to Make

Home is a place to feel sheltered and warm, encompassed by the memories that make up a lifetime.

Do Nursing Homes Breed Depression and Illnesses?

There are a wide range of pathways prompting depression, including hereditary, vulnerability, and medical or neurologic diseases.

Caring for Your Senior Who Has Diabetes

Since we are a Healthcare Service provider in Hawaii, we want your seniors to get the health care that they need when they retire at home.

Recovery Care Is the Road to a Full Recovery

Because we are also a Healthcare Service Provider in Hawaii, we have selected caregivers who are experts in the health and medical field.

Improving Life for Your Elderly Loved One

We only want the best for our elderly loved ones, including the best care. This is where a home care service provider in Hawaii can help.

The Importance of Home Care Services

By living happier & healthier life habits, and the support of a healthcare service provider in Hawaii, it is possible to live much longer.

Home Care Services | Helping Hands Health Care | Hawaii

If you have a family member or loved one with special needs, we know that finding quality in-home care is challenging and can often be overwhelming.

Reasons to Choose Home Health Care

These days, we can rely on agencies like Helping Hands Healthcare to provide quality home care services designed to meet our needs.