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Health Insurance Plan

A recent survey in India showed the massive annoyance with the healthcare system in India. The interesting thing that is found about the health insurance plans in India is to protect the savings not health. In India, very few households have the plan to meet their health expenses easily. The health risks are also different from the western population. And the prior planning in the health issues is still a major priority in India.

Health Insurance Plan | Values Added Benefits for your Health Insurance

Health insurance companies have come with different plans and programs to enhance the base coverage. Value added benefits offered by companies completely depend on their policies and terms. These are more like reward points that you can earn if you follow certain things stated by the insurer. Check whether these benefits are good for you or not.

Health Insurance Plan | Critical Illness

With an increasing rate of lifestyle diseases, we tend to bend, unknowingly, to some life-risk health problems. Maintaining a healthy diet protects you from those fatal diseases to some extent, but taking precaution is always a necessary factor that ensures a tension free future.

Health Insurance Plan | Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

Family Floater Health Insurance plan proves to be very beneficial if you want a single health plan for your entire family. Under such plan, the ‘sum assured’ has been divided into the members of a family; thus, multiple claims can be attainable to get hospital expenses from the company you are insuring under. A single premium is paid by the policy holder every year to take the benefits of this health insurance plan.

Health Insurance Plan | Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans Are Restrictive In Benefits

As per the news report of Economics Times, health insurance plans for senior citizen are more restrictive than the regular health plans. Medical expenses in India are growing as much as 20% percent in every year. The amount is two times greater than the overall inflammation in the country. Health insurance policies are extending their network to cover up everyone who wants to have a proper support when a worst situation comes. The need for health coverage is not restricted to the working class people, but it is also equally important for those who retire from their works. Senior citizen health plans are to protect their demands in terms of having the best coverage benefits. But the policies have some restrictions in their offerings.

Health Insurance Plan | Indemnity Health Insurance Plan

Indemnity health insurance plan compensates the insured person up to the predetermined limit to incur the expenses of hospitalization. The person under such policy can claim the extreme limit of the sum insured which an insurer provides as per their terms and conditions. The company is liable to take care of every cost if your claims come under their eligibility criteria.

Health Insurance Plan | Health Insurance Claim Settlement

Every individual needs a health insurance to make the future safe and secure. Health insurance for kids is designed specially to keep their requirements in mind. The benefits and coverage areas are also different from regular health insurance plan. The terms and policies are designed in a way that they can get the benefits all through their lives. The return terms are attractive for the health insurance for kids. Some companies also have the facility to give the sum assured to the kid in case of parent’s death, critical illness or disability. Some companies even offer a regular income when the kid losses parents.

Health insurance plan | A Guide to Choose the Right Health Care Insurance for You

‘Health is wealth’ – everyone knows the importance of having a healthy life without any complications. But health problems are uncertain and you have to be well prepared to face those issues without changing anything in your life. This is why health insurance policies are there to take care of your every need when such situations come. Choosing the right health plan plays a very important role that covers your every need and provides you with the desired support economically. The content discusses how to choose the right health insurance that serves your best interest.

Health Insurance Plan | You Should Not Include Parents in Your Family Health Insurance Policy

The underlying meaning of this sentence is different from what it says literally. You should not include parents in your family health insurance policy means that you must purchase a separate health plan for your parents. We always choose the best thing for our loved ones and ensure that they have a healthy life. Buying a right health insurance policy is a necessity of our lives that protects us from financial crisis during a sudden medical emergency.

Health Insurance Plan | Myths about Health Insurance

Myths are based on some unrealistic facts that lower your decision making choice about a certain object. Myths about health insurance are nothing but the misconceptions that people convey generation after generations. When the talk is about health, any kind of wrong detail will prove to be dangerous. These issues should be taken into the consideration at large so that people will be aware of the best things of health insurances. Having myths of health insurance is a devil that may put you in a grave danger at the time of needs.

Health Insurance Plan | Have you hidden illnesses while buying a health insurance

Hiding anything from your insurer may put you in a big loss and make your investment wasted. The insured should mention everything regarding their health on the proposal form of a health insurance. Unless of which, companies will deny the claim of the policyholder based on disclosed information. So, it is necessary to put down everything on paper so that you can take actions legally if your claim is rejected.

Illnesses are uncertain and you may not be aware of having anything serious while purchasing a health insurance. In such cases, you can inform the company from where you have purchased the health insurance. Generally, no company will change their terms and conditions for you. But, some companies have different policies that allow you to be included in their coverage benefits despite having illnesses not disclosed before.

Health Insurance Plan | HDFC Life and Apollo Munich Jointly Offer

For the first time in the health insurance industry, the two individual companies come together to offer a single plan to people. HDFC Life and Apollo Munich jointly announced to bring in a ‘Click2Protect’ plan that has the benefits of both life and health insurance policies. This one-of-a-kind project gives the maximum benefits in terms of offering discounts and other essential advantages.

Health Insurance Plan | Mediclaim Vs Health Insurance

Health insurance industry is growing with every passing day. More and more people become aware of the importance of having a health insurance. But, a few things need to be cleared in the insurance sector. Mediclaim and health insurance – the two words are using interchangeably. But the two concepts, though match to some extent, cover different areas of insurance. Mediclaim looks after the coverage area concentrated on hospitalization expenses while health insurance covers more than hospitalization.

Health Insurance Plan | Saving taxes with the Pension plans

Retirement life should be tension free and luxurious and to spend this kind of life every person need to start an early pension plan.
Retirement is a part of life when people want to spend the rest of life peacefully and without any kind of approaching deadlines and oppressive work pressure. The time of post-retirement is the time to fulfill all kinds of wishes and needs but sometimes it can’t happen for the financial crisis. The regular income generally stops in this time and a retired person has to save something previously to spend the rest of life in comfort. So it is very much important to save a sufficient amount that can be helpful to lead the further life in pleasure and for this some post retirement plans are essential.

Health Insurance Plan | How to Reduce a Premium amount of your Health Insurance

Health insurance is a growing field in every national economy as it has become a necessary decision rather than an optional one. But, the premium amount always puts a burden on a policy holder’s shoulder. Due to this burden, many people prefer to stay away from the cover of a health plan. Statistics reveal the same story. But people are unaware from that they can reduce the premium amount of their health insurance as mentioned by law. The government significantly plays an important role in cutting down the amount for your benefits.

Healhth Insurance Plan | Health Insurance Scenario in India

Despite government initiatives and numerous health insurance awareness campaigns, the scenario in India has changed a little. The survey even presented that 80% of total population of India is not covered by any health insurance policy. The data raises the alarm and brings forth the much-debated topic – the benefits of health insurance plan are ignored largely by people.

Health Insurance Plan | Lesser known facts of a health insurance plan

Gone are the days when health insurances were designed for compensating the mainstream treatments alone. Companies today are offering many benefits so that flexibilities rule over restrictions. The insurance plans offered by the companies with one or many unique features catering to the individuals and their different needs. Having complete knowledge of those lesser known facts is necessary to avail the offer at the right time. The content discloses the facts and features that are not highlighted by the insurers, but they stay in the terms of your policy. The discussion below provides you with an insight idea about the features.

Health Insurace Plan | HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

HDFC ERGO has been a very popular name in the Indian health insurance sector, so much so that the company is scored as the 4th largest general insurance company in India. HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policies are offered and developed by HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited. Since its introduction in 2002, the company has enlarged its network as many as 89 cities and the complete work is carried out by 109 branches across India.

Health Insurance Plan | Renewal Process for the Health Insurance Policy in India

There are certain changes made by IRDAI in renewal of the Health Insurance policy.
Now-a-days medical expenses are on the peak for some reasons which affects the budget of the people and as an up growing country like India it becomes a horrible tension for the guys. So it is mandatory for all kind and aged people to buy a health policy to secure the medical expenses and also it need to be renewed on-time. Health insurance policies are generally available for a time of 1, 2 or 3 years and policy holder need to renew it for continuing it to get the benefits under the health insurance policy.

Other options after the closure of Open Enrollment

Special Enrollment option has been open for them who have not yet enrolled for the 2018 Marketplace health plan.
The government has given the chance to enroll their name in the Marketplace health insurance plans from where they can change their existing plans or enlist their names for the new plans for 2018 coverage. The last date of enrollment was 15th December 2017 and it has just passed away.

Health Insurance renewal process

Health Insurance policy should be renewed after certain period that will help to keep updated with new benefits along the old ones. A health insurance policy is the best way to cover anybody’s health related issues and become a support for all kind of medical expenses. It is like a financial supporter, a member of family who stands beside when the tough time comes in a family and gives the family courage and stability. But it is not enough only to buy a health insurance policy, that policy should be renewed after a certain period of time as basically most of them are come with a period of 1/2/3 years.

Solution about most asked queries on Critical Illness

Critical illness policy is a must thing for everyone but there are lots of queries about busying a critical illness plan.

The present era is the busiest of all and people are just engaged in running for money and better life to achieve more, to get more in short time.

All these are reducing time from their schedule to look after their health and leading them towards anxiety and illness. The unhealthy life is slowly making the people unfit and ill without their knowledge so it becomes more important to do some routine exercises and taking right care of the health.

The medical treatment of the illness is thing to worry and the expense for the treatment is increasing day by day that effect majorly on the savings.

Some basic reasons of the increasing trend of critical illness are high-stress jobs, least physical activity, declining environment, over eating of junk foods, smoking etc.

The treatment for critical illness is very costly and is hard to afford by the Indian middle class people so it will be great to take a critical health insurance policy that will cover both the financial coverage with bearing treatment bills.

There are some critical health insurance policies in market that are affordable and easily taken but there are some concerns that bother people who want to take such policies. This article is a guide and answer for those concerns.

Health insurance plan | Does your Health Insurer Refuse to Pay?

Your doctor is recommending the best treatments you need to get rid of ailments, but your insurer denies paying you for the treatment. Nothing can be more disturbing than the situation where you neither opt for an alternative treatment nor change the insurance policy. Refusing to pay you clearly states that your treatment stays out of the coverage area given by your company. Some health insurers, though, make mistakes and illegally deny paying you. In this respect, specific claim procedures are there that help you get your money. There are several reasons why your health insurer refuses to pay you in needs. The content brings out in which circumstances you company deny paying you. Read the content carefully.

Health insurance plan | A Positive Approach to the Health Insurance in India

Health insurance has been a neglected sector in India. Though it was introduced in the 80s, it does not flourish completely till data. Reasons are definitely there that deter people from purchasing a health insurance. Both structural and organizational issues come to halt the growth of the health insurance policies.

The data brings out a clear statistics citing that Indians are paying less attention to the health insurance and are keen to pay expensive medical bills leading to a financial crisis. Even initiatives taken by government fail to bring people under a protection – a health insurance plan.

The percentage of people protected under the health insurance policy is an alarming one. Around 2% of the Indian population covers under individual policies, 3% under corporate policies and 20% under government schemes. The reasons for such poor score must be identified and solved as early as possible.

Health insurance plan | Family floater policies offer more for less

Every person wants to protect his/her family from every kind of diseases and a family floater plan is perfect as it offers low cost and more benefit.

Health insurance plan | Important things about pre and post Hospitalization coverage in a health policy

The pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization are a little different thing and have different terms, conditions and benefits for the insurer.