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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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6 skills every recruiter should have – Ensure your recruiting is flawless

Recruiting is no easy job and gets worse when you have a ton of applicants to sort through with no idea on how to choose the best. There are however, certain skills that can make the job easier.


Make use of tech

While recruitment might have been done with just manpower a few decades ago, thanks to the advancement of technology, you no longer have to go through most of the dreary tasks. Nowadays one can make use of the best applicant tracking systems (with many examples such as OrangeHRM) and on boarding programs that will make the job significantly easier. This also gives an image of a company that is up to date with trends and the latest tech which benefits you and the firm.


Have strong ethics

This is probably the most important aspect of being a recruiter for a company. Having bulletproof credibility is essential to a company and its hiring procedure because the recruiter is the first impression a job seeker gains of the firm. If a recruiter does not seem credible in the eyes of the candidate, it will put a bad impression on the candidate's mind. The worst-case scenario is that the candidate might not bother taking up the vacancy. In order to appear credible, be certain that you can be depended on when it comes to matters of punctuality and know how to keep the conversation professional at all times.


Possessing an analytical mind

It is crucial to possess an analytical mind when it comes to recruiting. The ability to look at the big picture and consider the long term factors when deciding on the requirements can go a long way in making educated decisions in this field. For instance, when it comes to sourcing candidates, you should check if certain aspects could be done in-house. When you have an analytical mind, it also makes it easier to solve unexpected problems that might crop up down the line.


Ensure appropriate planning is done

Contrary to what you might think, recruitment is not a one day process where you go out and sign up potential candidates. It is a process that can stretch up to weeks or even months. As the recruiter, you and your team need to work together to come up with a strong plan and ensure that it is executed flawlessly.


Communication and teamwork is key

Members in the recruiting department need to have the ability to relay information to the higher-ups as well as the job seekers. When there is a smooth flow of communication between members of the team, it becomes significantly easier to avoid misunderstandings and see to it that everyone is on the same page.


The speed you work

Candidates looking for jobs will not apply to a single place but will look to multiple companies and sources. This means that the one who makes the first move has a greater chance of winning than the rest of the competition

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