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About Colony Picking

Get the facts about colony picking and robotics used to handle the job with optimum efficiency. Find out the role colony picking plays in genetics, cloning, and other cutting-edge protocols.

Colony picker

A colony picker is an instrument used to automatically identify microbial colonies growing on a solid media, pick them and duplicate them either onto solid or liquid media. It is used in research laboratories as well as in industrial environments such as food testing and in microbiological cultures.

Picking Systems You Can Count On

Colony counting and colony picking are widely recognized as boring, repetitive tasks. In 1963 Joshua Lederberg noted, "The most tedious operation in bacterial genetics is counting-colonies."

Automated Colony Pickers Evolve

Everyone knows that the first genome sequencing projects took years of work and represent the combined product of tens of thousands of individual fragments.

Automated Cell Colony Picking Systems - Hudson Robotics

The RapidPick is the first and only fully automated high-throughput microbial colony picking workcell system that delivers unparalleled performance and precision

Gene Cloning and Colony Picking | GEN

Integration of Picker on Liquid-Handling Platform Increases Production of Clones

Why pick just a single bacterial transformed colony

So after bacteria have been transformed to perhaps grow up a plasmid of interest, why pick only a single bacterial colony from a selective plate for further expansion?

Picking Colonies

At this stage you should have planned and optimized your screening strategy.  There are several options. On this website are protocols for a mini-Southern, PCR from colony picks, and a full Southern.