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Learn Traditional Homesteading Skills

Browse our Homesteader's Free Library now! Ideas for a self-sufficient, urban & frugal life! Let your homesteading dream going!


Learn Homesteading Skills

Learn Homesteading Skills

Make Halloween more interesting and homesteading experience worth easy.

Tradditional Skills That Are Worth Learning

In today's era we are forgetting about tradditional skills which we really need to preserve. Learning homesteading does not acquire own land to embrace. You can learn to homestead anywhere.

Best of Bamboo: Bamboo Projects for Your Home and Garden

You have probably heard horror stories from someone who planted a small patch of decorative bamboo then watched in dismay as it turned their once profitable farmstead into a jungle of indestructible, spreading canes. It is true; bamboo is a hardy plant and some of the species are invasive. But not all of them will take over your land.

49 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

It's hard to decide which is more infuriating, $4 gasoline or $4 milk, but whichever you personally find most appalling, one thing is for certain, someday a time will come where we look back with nostalgia for the good old days of $4 milk or gas.....

Buying Land at a Tax Auction: Not So Fast...

I’ll bet that, if you’re old enough to read, you’ve already seen a lifetime’s supply of get-rich-quick ads with blazing headlines like “How to Retire at 12 as a Land Baron” or “How I Became Obscenely Wealthy Buying Real Estate at Tax Sales”. Perhaps you’ve wondered why, if making a fortune is all that easy, the authors of these books, brochures, and seminars had to resort to hawking their books, brochures, and seminars in the first place. When you hear, or more likely, read about, someone buying land “for the back taxes” it’s a pretty good bet that there was, at the very best, quite a bit more involved in the transaction than that.

Learn Traditional Homesteading Skills Without Buying The Farm

Ready to get out and start homesteading? Browse the Homesteader’s Free Library now and get everything from skills around the house to out-back farm chores.

Coconut Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies | The Homesteader's Free Library

Holy cow, homesteaders! I may have just found my new favorite cookie of all time. They’re delightfully crisp on the outside, and have an almost caramel-like chewiness on the inside. The coconut and butterscotch chips melt together to make the perfect chewy texture. And while they’re just as sweet as you want your cookies to be, they also have just a hint of saltiness to pique your tastebuds. The dough balls even freeze nicely, so you can make one, or two, or six whenever the craving strikes. I’m just going to come right out and say that they’re kind of the perfect cookie. You should really make some this weekend.

Weather Lore and Superstitions

Since the beginning of time man has found various ways to predict the weather.  From this have come superstitions, old wives tales, and cultural stories passed from one family member to the next in each generation.  It is a way of controlling the environment by knowing what to expect from the coming season.  It is impossible according to scientists, and reliable according to those who know how to read the signs they have learned.

Honey Health: Using Honey in Home Remedies, Baking, and Skin Care

Dogs may have a challenger when it comes to the “Man’s Best Friend” Award.  Honeybees pollinate eighty percent of the fruit, vegetable, and seed crops in the United States.  In addition, they are the only insects that produce a food that humans eat.  Honey, which the bees have been producing for 150 million years, contains all of the substances necessary to sustain life, including water.  And if that (in addition to its delicious taste) wasn’t enough, honey provides us with a myriad of health benefits and can be used in home remedies, baking, and beauty recipes.