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Updated by Mark Gibbons on Aug 28, 2019
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5 reasons why Anti Snap Locks offer real protection for your home

Anti snap locks represent a major advancement in home and commercial security and have quickly become one of the most trusted systems for preventing burglary.

Here we offer some key reasons why investing in anti snap lock technology is the best way to protect residential and business properties from the threat of intruders.


Standard locks are vulnerable

Although cylinder locks are the most commonly used mechanism for residential and commercial doors, they can be broken and snapped with very little effort. In fact, a professional burglar can dismantle a standard cylinder lock in less than three minutes with just a hammer or a screwdriver


Completely burglar-proof

Completely burglar-proof

High-end anti snap systems such as ABS Locks protect your property against forced entry by using a strengthened anti snap cylinder which cannot be broken or manipulated by would-be intruders.

These systems are impervious to all common methods of forced entry such as snapping, drilling and picking and are fully endorsed by UK police forces and local councils.


Quick and easy installation

A universal system that can be used in the vast majority of domestic and commercial doors, anti snap locks can take as little as ten minutes to install. Because of this they offer the perfect solution when a property needs to be secured quickly and efficiently, especially in the case of an emergency.


Offering peace of mind

If your home has been burgled or you feel anxious about a break in at a retail or commercial property, installing anti snap lock systems will offer peace of mind that you have the best possible preventative measures in place to combat future attacks.


Cost effective home security solution

Cost effective home security solution

Chubb Locksmiths offer the supply and installation of a wide range of high security locks, including anti snap locks at very reasonable prices. If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of anti snap locks and the ABS Lock system, please contact Chubb Locksmiths on 0121 353 3644.