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Chajinel Home Care Services

Live the way you want by receiving compassionate, unmatched support from reliable caregivers. Discover the difference that Chajinel Home Care Services can make in your life.

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Chajinel Home Care Services is a provider of non-medical home care services in San Francisco, California. Contact us at 650-741-6107 for inquiries.

Improving Safety at Home for Senior Citizens

As we get older, conventional homes may no longer be as safe as they once were.

How can Your Diet Help You Stay Young?

There is actually an effective method that can help you maintain your youth and independence.

How Can Your Nutrition Help Keep You Young?

Aging is something that none of us can stop but it is possible to slow it down by having a healthy diet and exercise.

Keep Your Brain Healthy

Help your elderly family members stay healthy by assisting them in keeping their brains in good shape.

Ensure the Safety of Your Elderly Loved One

When people reach their golden years, their safety may not be as guaranteed as it was before.

How to Make Your Home Friendly For Seniors

With the big demand for home care today, there are a number of modifications that we have to make. From adjusting our lifestyle to redesigning our homes. Our senior loved ones are more important than anything else and so we are more than willing to adjust everything just to give them the comfort they deserve.

Aging: Does It Really Change Us?

As we grow old, we will notice evident changes in our body. From wrinkles to the weakening of our muscles. However, these noticeable changes could just be the tip of the iceberg. Inside our body, there could be drastic changes happening that we are not aware of. Perhaps our healthy cells are slowly degenerating. We might be feeling signs of hypertension but we just did not notice it.

How Can Sleep Keep You Healthy In Your Golden Years

One of the most important things we can do for our health, especially at an advanced age, is to sleep. Sleep has an effect on many aspects of our health from our mental clarity to our physical capabilities. This effect only becomes more and more obvious with age. So if you are entering your golden years, here are some good reasons to ensure you are getting the proper amount of sleep on a nightly basis:

What Can You Do to Minimize Your Risk of Falling at an Advanced Age?

Falling can be a serious and dangerous risk for many senior citizens. Losing your balance is trivial when you are young but when you are older, it can lead to a fall and get hurt. A fall could lead to severe injuries. So what can you do to minimize your risk or the risk of a loved one from falling?

6 Relevant Things You Might Not Know About Alzheimer’s Disease

For many, the common words associated with Alzheimer’s disease are “old age”, “crazy”, and “forgetful”. While the said words are not really far from the actual disease, Alzheimer’s is more than that. Unfortunately, a lot of people view this disease as a total hassle. But let us not forget, there is a person involved here. The patient needs your help.

Becoming Super Granny: 6 Things You Can Do to Manage Aging

Time to break the stereotypes of aging. Just because you are going beyond sixty does not mean that you can no longer enjoy life. Age is just a numerical figure that records how many years you have been alive. It is not an indicator of how long you have left and how much you can still do. Time to be a super granny! You do not have to be a hero to be called “super”. All you need to do is to be grand in your own little ways. One of the best ways to do that is having a good and well-balanced overall health. Aging will soon be a factor that will no longer stop you from being awesome.

Home Alone? Here Are 8 Tips to Help You Stay Safe Indoors

Even if you live in a quaint and peaceful neighborhood, there’s nothing wrong with being a bit vigilant.

7 Tips to Help Your Loved One Cope with Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is most commonly diagnosed among the elderly. It is a form of dementia which affects an individual’s memory.

5 Things That Happen to the Body As You Age and How to Lessen Its Impact

As you age, your body undergoes various changes—physically, emotionally, and mentally. Some of these changes may not be favorable to you.

Home Care Services | Chajinel Home Care Services | California

Call 650-741-6107 or email to request for Elderly Care, Holistic Care, Fall Risk Care or other Home Care programs.

Medication Reminders | Chajinel Home Care Services | California

Please call 650-741-6107 to request for Personal Supervision, Medication Reminders, Dementia Care, Fall Risk Care or other Home Care services.

Senior Citizens Deserve Emotional Care

Chajinel Home Care Services believes that senior citizens need emotional care just as much as anybody else. Truth be told — seniors may need it more than anyone.

Non-Medical Home Care Services | Chajinel Home Care Services | CA

Whether you are looking for full-time care or some extra support on an hourly basis, we can help. We arrange and manage home care that is completely personalized to you and your situation. You can be assured to receive quality care from our expert team when you need it the most.

The Compelling Reasons You Should Hire Experts to Care for Your Elderly Beloved

It’s certainly a great honor to take care of the elderly. In the same way that they took care of us when we were young, caring for them in their old age is our way of giving back. However, there are really just tasks that are beyond our skillsets. This is the time when you need to consider availing of home care services in San Francisco, California

Aspects to Look Into When Taking Care of Elderly People

Declining health, friends living far away, limited food choices, and mobility challenges are all issues that the elderly people may face. Allowing your beloved elderly to handle these concerns on their own is really not an option. As a concerned relative, it would be wise to avail of home care services in San Francisco, California to address these concerns.

Health and Aging: You and Your Joints

The connection between the two bones is what we call a joint. Joints are essential to allow you to bend your knees and elbows, bend your back, turn your head to various directions, and wave/move your fingers.

Exercise to Keep Your Joints Healthy

If you want to keep joints flexible and strong, exercise is a big factor. Plus, it will help you lose weight and take pressure off painful joints. According to professionals. with every pound you lose, it is taking 6 pounds of pressure off your hips and 4 pounds off your knees.

The Optimum Health Our Heart Needs

We all should think that it can never be too late for us to take control of our body and health even during the later years of our lives.

Grocery Shopping - What Safer Ways Seniors Need to Know

The natural course of aging may come with deterioration in efficiently and safely performing the day-to-day occupations at home and in the community. As we get older, we may face challenges that hinder us to perform these daily tasks alone. These challenges may include the inability to lift heavy objects, safely navigate the house and the streets, easily forgetting important information and things, and lesser flexibility in extending the arms and the legs.