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Headline for Lists of Ayurvedic Treatments – Taking Care of the Mind, Body and Soul
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Lists of Ayurvedic Treatments – Taking Care of the Mind, Body and Soul

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine that focuses on preventing illness by building & maintaining a healthy mental state, metabolic system & digestion. Here are a few treatments to try out!



This treatment method is especially recommended for rheumatic diseases like weakness in the nervous and muscular systems, paralysis and arthritis. The treatment involves a gentle body massage for sixty to ninety minutes while lukewarm, medicated oil is poured over the body. The oil is poured in a rhythmic and uniform way and always in the same direction. Best results are shown if the treatment is performed daily for seven to twenty-one days.



In this treatment, medicinal leaves are first cut and processed in medicated oils. The mixture is then tied up as boluses in muslin bags and the bag is used in a type of sudation treatment. The medicinal bolus is dipped in warm medicated oil and applied to an affected area or the whole body for about 45 minutes. Elakizhi is especially used to cure chronic back pain, arthritis, paralysis, emaciation of limbs and pain and swelling of the joints. The treatment reduces stiffness and pain, increases the metabolic rate, improves circulation and strengthens both the nervous system and the muscles. This treatment of medicinal leaves is best done daily for a duration of seven to fourteen days!


Njavara Kizhi

This treatment yields best results when done for sixty to ninety minutes daily for a period of one week to a fortnight. Njavara Kizhi involves the application of a paste – made of an extract of Sida retusa root mixed with a medicinal rice called Njavarayari and processed in milk – on the whole body or affected area followed by a gentle body massage. The treatment alleviates and cures joint pain, cholesterol, rheumatism, high blood pressure and a number of skin diseases while also improving skin colour and complexion. The application of the paste purifies blood and strengthens muscles and nerves.



This treatment particularly focuses on mental illness like chronic depression, loss of memory, anxiety attacks and insomnia and is also beneficial for ear, throat and nasal problems and chronic headaches. It works by stimulating the pineal gland of the brain to secrete serotonin and melatonin, two hormones that play an essential role in emotional balance. The treatment comprises of medicated buttermilk, medicated oil, herbal extract, etc., being poured gently, as a continuous stream, on the upper forehead area while the scalp is gently massaged. The treatment lasts between thirty to forty-five minutes and is best done daily, for a duration of seven to twenty-one days. Ayurvedic treatment is available in several Asian countries including Sri Lanka and India. Along with independent spas, treatments are offered in many luxury resorts, as well as, many a spa hotel. Sri Lanka, for instance, has plenty of spa hotels especially along its serene coasts, including Blue Water Club Suites.



Abhyanga is a very effective and rejuvenating full body massage that is done using medicated oils. The treatment helps to reduce accumulation of fluids internally and aids in easing pain and reducing the build-up of toxic substances inside the body. Incorporating this treatment into your daily lifestyle will greatly improve day to day life and overall health. It is highly effective in stimulating undisturbed sleep, improving blood circulation and cellular regeneration and enhancing the immune response of the body, exponentially. The treatment lasts for about forty-five to sixty minutes and should be done daily for at least seven to twenty-one days to create a significant impact in the body!