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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for The Top 8 Rides at the Dunai Fantasi Theme Park - Fun Time Multiplied!
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The Top 8 Rides at the Dunai Fantasi Theme Park - Fun Time Multiplied!

Theme parks are an amazing family adventure that's guaranteed to bring a smile on anyone's face. Here are the top 8 rides to try at the Dunai Fantasi Theme Park in Indonesia.



Manufactured in Italy and operated since 2007, this is one exciting ride for thrill seekers. This ride is considered to be the most sophisticated in its class of top-spin rides in the world. The two main arms on the ride move freely and the main car holds up to 40 people. The ride spins around flipping you upside down resulting in a sheer fun filled wonder.



If you're a complete adrenaline junkie and want to test your friends and relatives, this is the perfect ride. Hysteria attracts many families and youngsters who repeatedly take on this ride for its sheer level of enjoyment. With a capacity for 24 people, the ride propels you to a height of 60 meters in just 4 seconds. This guarantees gut-wrenching fun for anyone willing to step up to its gates. The ride also offers an amazing view of the park and its surroundings at its highest point.



Another ride that calls on your adrenaline, Kicir-Kicir has become one of the favourites and one of the most challenging rides available at the park. With a capacity of 24 people, you are swirled at a height of 17 meters that is sure to make for a fun time. Make sure to find accommodation nearby as you might come back to complete the full course of this theme park. If you're looking for a Jakarta hotel, there are many that can be found around the city such as Alila Jakarta.



One of the most popular rides on this list, Kora-Kora is designed after a pirate ship. With a capacity of 54 people, this pendulum-like ship swings left to right. Starting at a slow pace, it gains momentum and swings higher up to an inclination of 90 degrees. Highly addictive, the ride from afar looks scary but offers an absolute fun time. Since it's opening, Korra-Korra has been very popular amongst teenagers. The ride was built by a German entity which makes it of the highest design quality.



Halilintar is a roller coaster that you simply cannot miss. It is one of the more extreme rides available at the park and features some breathtaking loops. The most noteworthy along the course is its 360-degree loop which brings reactions out of everyone who rides it. The high drops and sharp corners make it one of the best roller coaster rides out there.



Made by Zierer in the year 1972, only 200 units of this ride exist worldwide. Ontang-Anting boasts a one of a kind distinctive, Renaissance-style design that makes it not just a ride to enjoy but a work of art as well. Originating in Germany, this ride has been operational since 1987. With a capacity of up to 48 people, Ontang-Anting offers a fast gliding or spinning sensation to its riders by swinging at a height of 4 meters.