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Trekking Essentials - Make Sure you are Prepared

When embarking on a trek, make sure to check the climatic conditions and prepare accordingly. In addition to that, there are some basic items that are also essential for your trek.


First Aid Kit

While trekking is an extremely rewarding experience, there is a risk of injury involved. Because it involves following a route, or sometimes even making your own path, there can be small roots, or even protruding branches that can scratch your skin. Another possibility is insect bites: if you react badly to such bites, make sure to take bug spray and an antiseptic cream with you when you hike. You can also never be too careful by taking basic medication such as aspirin. For those who do not like the glare, and especially if you are thinking of trekking across a terrain that has little shade, consider taking a pair of sunglasses.


Bottle of Water

Trekking can have a strain on the body, and particularly so on a warm, humid day. As you sweat, your body loses nutrients. Therefore, it is of imperative importance that one remains hydrated during the course of trek. It is advisable that trekkers carry a bottle of water with them; if possible more than one bottle.



During the trek, because of the loss of nutrients and the physical exertion caused due to the effort, you might have feel weak or faint, especially on a warm day. Therefore, it makes the most sense to take a small snack with you in the event you need an energy boost. Make sure that the snack is light and not heavy because you might find it difficult to continue the trek if you have a big meal. For those residing in Oman luxury resorts, simply request the hotel to provide you with a small snack and they will package the meal up for you to have at your leisure. A light meal is also something that you should also keep in mind when setting off on the trek: make sure to have a light meal before you set off as well.


A Camera

Most trekking trails, such as those surrounding Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, are often naturally quite beautiful. This is one of the main reasons that attracts trekkers to such trails. Therefore, you are bound to come across beautiful landscapes and vantage points from where beautiful vistas can be witnessed. Because of this, you will certainly regret not bringing a camera on your trek to capture these beautiful images for posterity.


Lightweight Attire or Clothing

Trekking will invariably make you exert yourself and push your body to its limit. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you don attire or clothing that is unrestrictive, light and breathable. This is important when trekking in hot weather as well as in cold weather. If you are unsure of how the weather will be, or the weather in the area that you are trekking in is generally unpredictable, wear layers that you can shed if the climate gets too warm. In contrast, if you are trekking in extremely cold weather, make sure that you are fully prepared to face cold conditions. This includes wearing appropriate shoes.