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Typical Omani Dishes - All Aboard the Train to Flavour Town!

Oman is a beautiful country that offers some great views, some of them can simply be found within a restaurant. Let's look at some typical but delicious food the nation has to offer.



Shawarma is a type of food that has recently taken the world by storm. This popular type of sandwich can be mainly found in the streets of all Middle Eastern countries, but it doesn't get more authentic than the ones found in Oman. The sandwich is packed with meat that is marinated in a whole variety of spices all wrapped up in pita bread. Shawarmas are often freshly made and are served alongside fries with garlic paste.



Served with some delicious tamarind chutney, this Omani delicacy is a very popular street food. Mishkak consists of flame-grilled pieces of meat, such as chicken, beef or mutton that is served on wooden sticks. You can often find the option of eating it with some freshly made Arab bread or straight off the stick.



Halwa is a well-known sticky, gelatinous sweet treat that is made with brown sugar, eggs, honey and spices. The treat comes in many flavours for you to choose from, such as chocolate, nuts and even rose water. You'll even find some delicious halwa made using Omani dates. Halwas take a long time to cook as is made by slowly boiling it over a wood fire. It is known to last for over four months, all the while retaining its freshness and quality.



While not presumed a dish by outsiders, the date fruit is a staple in Oman and is often served alongside coffee. You'll find it being offered to you by many as this is considered a national symbol of hospitality. The fruit comes in many different varieties of taste, colour and size.



A highly popular dish amongst the locals and the tourists, Mushaltat is a stuffed soft flatbread. Upon breaking it apart you'll find a delicious mix of honey, spinach, meat and cheese. The fresh flatbread is made with a dough of refined wheat flour that is kneaded into small thin cakes and are stuffed with all the ingredients and then baked for a minimum of 5 minutes.



A dish that many recall eating in Oman is Mashuai. It's a delicious little meal that consists of roasted kingfish that's served atop absolutely delicious savoury lemon rice. This dish is so famous that you can find it at humble restaurants to many a Salalah beach resort you might wish to reside in such as Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara.



Majboos is a rice dish with two main ingredients; saffron and cardamom. The dish is made by cooking the meat first in various spices along with onion and garlic. The rice is cooked separately and is mixed together with the meat later on. Famous for its yellow or creamy colour, this dish is also called Kabsa in various other parts of the world.