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5 Places in Chiang Mai not to be Missed - Parks, Temples, and Rivers in Chiang Mai

Tourists visiting Chiang Mai should endeavor to visit some of the local Buddhist temples as well as a few nearby attractions to truly get a feel of how the locals live in this city.


Elephant Nature Park

If you are fan of the gentle giant, make sure not to miss the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. The Elephant Nature Park found in the Mae Taeng District in Chiang Mai is actually a rescue center as well as a sanctuary for elephants in Thailand. This sanctuary came into being following the rising need for conservation due to the use of elephants in activities such as teak logging and tourism as well as due to poaching. The opening and establishment of this Park was followed by the opening of the Erawan Elephant Retirement Park as well as sister parks in Cambodia.


Wat Phra Singh

Found in the old city of Chiang Mai, Wat Phra Singh can be seen surrounded by a moat and city walls. The Wat Phra Singh is a Buddhist Temple and one of the best examples in Chiang Mai of Lanna architecture. Lion statues guard the entrance to this temple and it is also home to the Phra Buddha Sihing. This statue is believed to have been housed in the Mahabodhi Temple in India, which was later brought to Chiang Mai via Ceylon, Ligor and Ayutthaya. Given the significance of this statue, many tourists who stay in hotels in Chiang Mai, visit the Wat Phra Singh to see it with their own eyes.


Ping River in Chiang Mai

The Ping River flows through the Mae Ping National Park after it originates in the Huai Nam Dang National Park. Given its natural significance in terms of biodiversity, there are many operations that offer tourists the opportunity to cruise along the River. The Ping River also flows through the city of Chiang Mai and can be seen from resorts such as Anantara Chiang Mai Resort and Wat Chai Mongkorn. The famous Iron Bridge in Chiang Mai is built over the Ping River as well.


Royal Park Rajapruek

The Royal Park is famous for hundreds of blooms of the Thai national flower which is also known as Rajapurek or Ratchaphruek. These beautiful yellow blossoms are found scattered across the park and it is a wonderful place for an evening stroll. Because of the large size of the Park, the state has also established trams so that visitors to the park can see as much of the park as possible. It is a lovely way for tourists to wind down after a long day before returning to their hotels in Chiang Mai.


Wat Umong

Those who wish to gain an insight into the Thai culture and religion should visit Wat Umong. Wat Umong is believed to be over seven hundred years old. This Buddhist temple is spectacular and is well known for the maze – like tunnels that run underneath the temple grounds as well as the giant stupa located at the entrance to the temple. Legend has it that this particular Buddhist temple was constructed in order to ensure that a monk who used to take long walks wouldn't wander off and get lost.