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List of Rulers of Ayutthaya - Learn about the Royal History of Ayutthaya

The kingdom of Ayutthaya was ruled by many different kings and featured many a dynasty. The royal contributions of these kings can be witnessed by visitors to Ayutthaya today.


Ramesuan of the U-Thong Dynasty

Believed to have been the oldest son of King Ramathibodhi the First, King Ramesuan was first the ruler of Lopburi when he was still the Prince. Prince Ramesuan headed the army which invaded Cambodia which, unfortunately, was not successful due to a number of attacks by the Siamese army. Later, after the death of King Ramathibodhi the First, Prince Ramesuan ascended the throne in 1369. He is also responsible for the building of Wat Phra Ram which can be seen if one embarks on a Chao Phraya cruise such as those organised by Anantara Cruises. As king, he attacked Chiang Mai and also established the Wat Phukhao Thong. However, he abdicated the throne in favour of his uncle, and re-ascended the throne after his demise. In the year 1395, King Ramesuan fell ill and passed away at the age of fifty-six. Following his passing, his son, Prince Ram, ascended the throne.


Borommarachcha the First of the Suphannaphum Dynasty

King Borommarachcha the First was the uncle of King Ramesuan, and in whose favour the latter abdicated. Following the death of King Ramathibodhi the First, Khun Luang Pha – ngua, later known as King Borommarachcha the First, influenced the reigning king to step down and was later crowned King Borommarachcha the First when he was 63 years of age. During his reign, the king invaded Sukhothai, attacked Chakangrao and ordered the construction of Wat Maha Thai. Following his demise, King Ramesuan ascended the throne once again.


King Thong Lan of the Suphannaphum Dynasty

King Thong Lan ruled only for seven days after the death of King Borommarachcha the First. This is because, after his demise, the former King Ramesuan gathered an army, stormed the palace and seized King Thong Lan who was later taken to Wat Khok Phraya to be executed.


Prince Ram of the U-Thong Dynasty

Following the reign and demise of King Ramesuan, his son, Prince Ram, ascended the throne in 1295. During his reign, he visited the Kingdom of Sukhothai and declared a law on abduction, thereby causing tension within the Kingdom.


Intharachcha of the Suphannaphum Dynasty

Following the dethroning of King Ram in 1409, Prince Nakhon In who was the ruler of Suphanburi at the time, ascended the throne. The King, thereafter known as King Intharachcha, sought to keep the Kingdom of Sukhothai under his control after the chaos that existed during the reign of King Ram. During his reign, King Intharachcha Nakhon In maintained positive relations with China. King Intharachcha died in 1424. Following his demise, there was were dual claims to the throne by the two eldest children of the King. Having engaged in personal combat, both of them died and Prince Sam Phraya, the youngest son of the demised King, ascended the throne.