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Pearl Academy - Fashion Design, Style, Media and Make-up

India's Top and Leading Fashion Academy to become a popular fashion Designer

How Photography Courses Can Launch an Exciting Career?

Looking for career in Photography? If you are interested in starting a career in photography, then many courses are available to perfect your craft. Here are some of the reasons why a professional photography course is essential to kick-start your career. 1.Know your camera, 2. Master Lightning, 3 Understand Exposure.

How learning From a Fashion Design College Can Make Your Career

If you're still unsure about whether to avail for a fashion degree or not, here's an in-depth look into how learning from a fashion design college can help kickstart your career.

  1. Provides you with valuable industry knowledge
  2. Learn from professional fashion experts who have experience in the industry
  3. In the end, this education matters in the real world
Why should you choose Fashion Design as your career?

While a journalist should be curious, fearless, trustworthy and tenacious; a sales professional on the other side needs to be persistence, resourceful and respectful. Every career comes with certain ground rules and demands certain personality traits. You should choose Fashion Design as your career if and only if you think below is what describes you–You are a mix of creative, determined and hard working,You are experimental,You are good at networking,You want Unlimited Progress,You do not want BORING in your life

Top 5 Fashion Design Colleges in Delhi

Though the scenarios are changing and there are enough opportunities for students of fashion design colleges in Delhi and other major states to make it to the big league, it is also important to get admission in the right institute as not all colleges can provide the opportunities to students.
Pearl Academy
National Institute of Fashion Technology
Indian Institute of Fashion Technology
International College of Fashion
Amity School of Fashion and Technology

How to become a Fashion Designer?

Fashion Designing is an interesting and a creative field. But, will only designing clothes help you to become a good fashion designer? Fashion design industry has become a highly competitive field nowadays. If you want to pursue a good career in this industry, you will have to work harder and be more creative. Read more...

Things You Should Know About School of Creative...

Creative design is a word which is highly misunderstood. For a layman creative designer is someone who designs clothes or is an artist. And, though it is a part of a job of a designer but being a creative designer is much more than this. Some people think that design or creativity is a flash of light which comes only to few privileged people.

Careers That You Can Opt for After a Mass Communication and Journalism Course

Journalism or mass communication as a professional field of study sounds somewhat fancy to all those people who haven’t experienced it. For an ordinary man, Journalism is all about coming on television with a camera and a mike in hand, exclusively reporting about the happenings.

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    Founded in 1993, Pearl Academy is India’s largest private institution in fashion, design and related businesses, which has helped shape the business and creative landscape of these industries over the past 20 years.
    Driven by a commitment to create adaptable and highly sought-after graduates, Pearl Academy ensures student-outcomes are the center of every initiative. A high-caliber and experienced faculty, each equipped with Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) in Pedagogy helps deliver on this promise.

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