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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Water Sports to Try Out in Maldives – Thrills Galore on the Water

If you love adventure and the ocean then a trip to Maldives is definitely in order for here you can enjoy some of the best water sports on the planet. Here are five such activities you can try.



When it comes to thrilling Maldives water sports, not all activities are associated with speed. In fact, diving which is a relatively slower paced activity actually offers plenty of adrenaline pumping experiences, as divers get to explore an ethereal world under the waves. Amazing underwater visibility coupled with vibrant coral formations and fascinating marine life offer wondrous encounters be it at coral reefs or mysterious wrecks on the ocean floor. While you do need a proper diving licence, many resorts have their own diving centres where you can get the needed PADI certification.



A water sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family, snorkelling is perhaps the most popular water based activity in the country. The Maldives is blessed with a rich marine life and many coral reefs can be easily accessed from the shore itself. A lot of resorts have their own house reefs nearby, while some offer overwater bungalows which give you the chance to slip into the waters and enjoy snorkelling anytime you please. For something truly unique, look to take a night snorkelling tour and get a glimpse of some "nightlife" under the waves!


Underwater Rocket

A relatively new water sport that is definitely worth trying out when in the Maldives, a ride via an underwater rocket as it is known gives one the feeling akin to a dolphin swimming! This special "rocket" which can be tried at certain resorts such as Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort travels at speeds of around 20 km/hr below the water's surface providing the ultimate experience as you take in the rich storehouse of marine treasures that lie beneath.



An activity that can be enjoyed by yourself or in tandem with a partner, kayaking is a great water sport if you love to explore places. You can try kayaking in an island lagoon, where clear waters provide a superb view of the vibrant corals and fish that swim below. For more adventure one can look to enjoy kayaking in the ocean be it in a traditional kayak or one that has a special transparent bottom. Sometimes you will have the option to kayak to nearby uninhabited islands and enjoy some seclusion along pristine shores; if you head off in the evenings you will get the added benefit of witnessing one of the magical sunsets the Maldives is so famous for.



When it comes to speed, never underestimate just how much Mother Nature can be of assistance! Windsurfing is another thrilling Maldives water sport that can be tried here and the wonderfully windy conditions will propel participants along the water. Many resorts have special instructors and lessons for novices and you soon can be skimming the water enjoying the rush of speed and the freedom of heading into the horizon.