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Adjusting to 6 Figures helps new and seasoned adjusters navigate the industry, and excel in their field. The catalogue of experience offered on this site is meant to help educate professionals and lead them down a path to become successful independent adjusters.


Hurricane Harvey Experience, The New Adjuster Gold Rush

Hurricane Harvey experience might be some of the new adjusters' first opportunity in the insurance claims industry. Read more of this new adjuster gold rush.


It’s common practice for business owners, especially new ones, to conduct research and consult with experts on how to run a small business.

Increase Online Sales: 10 Tips To Help You Boost Your Website Sales

Maybe it’s time to focus on the most important thing that will draw interested people in, engage customers and increase online sales.

Natural Disasters: The Top 5 States Afflicted by Catastrophe

The top 5 states most often afflicted by natural disasters. Higher insurance premiums due to potential losses and higher than average risk assessments.

Working from Home: Setting up Your Home Office as an IA

Insurance adjuster work from home is a major perk of being an IA. This post gives tips for setting up the perfect home office for your IA work.


Tips for Staying Focused While Self-Employed

Tips for Staying Focused While Self-Employed

The freedom of self employment is a perk of being an IA, but there are also challenges. This post gives tips for staying focused while self-employed.

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Stay Motivated as an Independent Claims Adjuster: 4 Important Tips

As an independent adjuster, getting your work done correctly and on time should always be your first priority. Here are some tips to stay motivated.

Adjuster Blog | Insurance Claim Resource | Claims Adjuster Career Help

Become successful independent insurance adjuster. Learn more through adjuster blog, claims adjuster training, adjuster resource, and adjuster courses.

Self Care Importance: Maintaining Self Care During Heavy Work Loads

Independent insurance adjusters go through periods of heavy work loads and need to practice self care to stay healthy and calm.

Drone Insurance Claims: The Best New Adjuster Tool

Learn about drones and how they will be used by insurance companies to improve their claims process. Check out this article about drone insurance claims.

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Adjuster Tools: 10 Best Tools for an Independent Adjuster

Have the right adjuster tools on hand so you can do your job well. Be prepared to travel to an accident site by having these tools with you at all times.

Job Searching as an Independent Adjuster | Adjusting to 6 Figures

Great search tools to help you find independent adjuster jobs in your area as well as resume tips to maximize your chances of landing a job.

Protect Your Business with the Right Checking Account | Adjusting to 6 Figures

Protect your personal business as an independent, self-employed adjuster. Keep your business and personal financial transactions separate.

Policyholder Education: Why Did My Chimney Crumble? | Adjusting to 6 Figures

Policyholder education, why chimney's crumble and how to avoid disaster. Educate the policyholder on the process and ways to avoid breakdown.

Good Credit Score: How Does It Affect Property Insurance Premiums

What is a good credit score and why is it so important to keep track of our credit scores? Learn more about the importance of credit scores here!

Learn Microsoft Outlook: 5 Ways to Master Outlook and Save Time

Save time as an independent adjuster. Learn Microsoft Outlook. Schedule appointments, organize emails and create folders to maximize your time.

Business Empathy in the face of Devastation: Connecting with Clients

Connect with clients. Show business empathy in claims adjusting in order to grow your referrals. Happy clients will mean more referrals.

Court Etiquette and How to Prepare on a Deposition

If it is your first time attending a deposition for investigation, there are some things you should know about court etiquette.

Financial Management for Independent Adjusters: Tips for Dry Spells

Financial management for independent adjusters is important but often overlooked. This post gives tips on planning for dry spells.

Increase Work From Home Productivity: How to Deal with Distractions

Work distractions, how to eliminate them and increase your work from home productivity. Create the right balance to optimize your work from home experience.

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Accounts Receivable: 7 Helpful Ways to Optimize and Transform It

It’s common for most companies to have an accounts receivable department to help satisfy their customers during the course of business.

Solopreneur: 21 Cardinal Rules To Consider To Reach Your Goals

Maximize work output and the time you put into your business operations, here are 21 very important rules that you need to adhere to as a solopreneur.

Insurance Fraud: What You Need to Know about Homeowner’s Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is more common than you think and there is a good chance you may have already committed it. Read this blog for more information.

Tax Write Offs: An Independent Adjuster’s Guide to Write-Offs

Basically, what you would want to see in your tax forms is how much of it can you tax write offs and save. Anything else is owed to the government.

Independent Adjuster: What to Wear | Adjusting to 6 Figures

What clothing options are best for an industrious independent adjuster? Here are some top performing brands that allow for a professional appearance.