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Headline for Different Ways to Go Around in Hoi An – Navigate this Intricate City with no Hassle!
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Different Ways to Go Around in Hoi An – Navigate this Intricate City with no Hassle!

Hoi An, the delightful town in Vietnam is one of the most historic locations in the country. With narrow alleys and complicated rules, this congested town can be difficult to navigate for newcomers.



The heart of the town is quite small and closed to vehicles, so walking is the only option available for the majority of the time.


By Bike

Bikes are probably the most convenient way to get around Hoi An, as motorcycles and other vehicles are barred from many parts of the town during the day. Bicycles are quite cheap to hire and can be used for a number of reasons; be it visiting the beach or to a luxury resort in Hoi An. For those looking for a change of pace, mountain bikes can be hired. The traffic volume around the town is comparatively low so riding a bicycle is not much of a challenge. You can also indulge in cycling tours that give you the chance to visit the countryside, the fishing villages dotted over the coastline and the iconic Bamboo Bridge.


By Taxi

Taxis can found all over the town or they can even be booked over the phone. It is recommended that you look for taxis from reliable taxi companies to avoid getting scammed. A taxi ride of fifteen minutes would generally cost you about 60000 dongs. Taxis are hassle free but many taxis are known to turn you down if they deem the ride too short as they tend to opt for larger fares. A workaround is to ask your hotel to call a taxi or a shuttle. Be warned that it might be pricier than getting a taxi. Many hotels and resorts such as the Anantara Hoi An Resort offer such services.


By Motorcycle

Motorcycles are ideal for exploring the surrounding countryside as well as the stunning coastline and if you are adventurous enough, the Marble Mountains are located a short distance away. There is a multitude of shops that offer motorbikes for daily rentals. The average cost tends to hover around 100,000 dongs. Make sure you take a helmet with you as you are sure to encounter cops who conduct roadside checks. Check the condition of the bike before you embark on your ride, especially the state of the headlights and the brakes. If there are any dents and scratches present in the vehicle, take photographs of it to avoid any trouble and confusion later on. It is also critical you keep in mind to ride on the right side of the street.



One can easily find cyclos in the center of Hoi An, where the old town lies. Cyclos allow you to travel freely down the motor vehicle free roads. A cyclo can cater for up to two people and most of the time, the cyclo owners will help you with the town's landmarks, interesting sights, and other information. On average the cost of hiring a cyclo is 22000 dongs for every kilometer, but in the event that you are traveling out of the city, you can negotiate a fixed fare or an hourly fare.