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Headline for Must See National Parks around Perth - Discover Natures Creativity at its Best
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Must See National Parks around Perth - Discover Natures Creativity at its Best

The rugged beauty of West Australia is reflected within the stunning parks of Perth. A treat not just for nature lovers, these parks are unique and extravagant representations of nature at its finest.


Lane Poole Reserve

This is a verdant sanctuary that's food for the soul. In order to enjoy the park as nature intended, there are a number of walking paths located within the reserve. The walking trails run along the Murray River, offering a stunning scenery to admire, besides, the reserve is a mere 1 hour drive from hotels like COMO The Treasury, Perth, rendering it easily accessible from any luxury hotel Perth is home to. There are plenty of good reasons to leave the comforts of your hotel for this park. Look forward to swimming, rafting, and fishing, as well as, excursions across lush valleys, rocky pools, waterfalls, and rapids; expert guides are available for hire from the adjacent town of Dwellingup.


The Nambung National Park

The most striking attraction within this national park is 'The Pinnacles'. These are limestone columns that represent the backdrop of a science fiction movie. The Pinnacles are in fact 1,000 limestone spires that have taken millions of years to form; rising from the yellow sand desert they are a beguiling sight. Ideally, you should book a 4X4 tour into this desert; the 2-hour drive from Perth will take you along the picturesque Indian Ocean Trail too. Once done admiring The Pinnacles, do head over to the view point that offers you a more advantages view across the mystical spires.


Walpole-Nornalup National Park

The most special attraction within this park is the Valley of Giants. View some of Earth's tallest trees by climbing high above the forest cover and looking into the valley below. Nothing beats the bird's eye view of the huge tingle trees that grow there. Mind you, these trees are not found anywhere else on the planet and are said to be over 400 years old. The specially designed canopy walk ensures minimum carbon footprints on ground level while affording one the best view of the giant tingle trees. Getting to the park is a 5-hour drive from Perth; this takes you through lush forest covers. It's an excursion that is highly recommended.


John Forrest National Park

This park is just 30 minutes from the Perth CBD, hence, it is one of the best places to head to, picnic basket in tow, for a day in the sun. Easy to reach from your luxury hotel in Perth, this is one of Australia's oldest conservation parks. The most stunning attraction there is Hovea Falls; a beautiful cascade that falls over a sheet of granite, while equally impressive is the National Park Falls, which shimmers across a rock face that is 20 metres high.


Avon Valley National Park

This park consists of over 4,800 hectares of the wildlife sanctuary. Popular for its exotic foliage and abundance of wildlife, the park is just a short drive away from Perth. The place is not as developed as the others and exudes a rather rustic ambience, which is perfect for those seeking a more 'wild' environ to explore.

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