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Updated by Akanksha Varia on Oct 28, 2017
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Best Instagram pages for quotes

Who doesn't love reading quotes in their spare time? They are a few words put together or said in such a way that they give out a powerful meaning. Here's a list of the top 15 pages that you may follow for great quotes on Instagram.



They never fail to impress their audience by posting meaningful, positive and motivating quotes on a regular basis. The quotes here are not just 'good' as per what the name suggests, they are great.


Being honest to what their Bio says, "Bringing to you the best quotes on Instagram!", the page has a simple feed with a white backgrounds and a few lines written in black but the best part about this is that its simple but yet meaningful and creative in its on self.


Quotesndnotes is a realistic and honest page which has an outstanding feed. The best part about it is that once you open the page you can't stop scrolling it till the very end because of the colorful and pretty feed they have along with the pragmatic quotes.


This page has classy quotes as the name suggests. It will introduce you to how the elite of the society think, not just that they have many motivational and inspiring quotes as well.


Platforms like Instagram have the ability to Influence a large audience. The page has taken this into consideration and tried giving people the push they need to start. They post pictures very often to keep you motivated and ready to start up a new venture.


The readers will definitely identify with the emotions expressed by the quote. If a person is sad and they end up reading the quotes here, they would actually relate to it and feel a little bit better for sure. The best part about this page is that they have posted a few positive quotes in between which will help the reader to move on eventually and look at the positives even in case of a negative situation.


They post pictures with relevant quotes that will motivate you to a level where you would want to get up and start with your work that very moment.


The page shows you a world beyond the glow of your phone.Its difficult to see the beautiful creations of God all around the globe as a result of time and budget constraints,but we can at least feel the joy of traveling by reading these quotes and taking a look at the fancy pictures put with them.


The page has inspiring and motivating quotes as well. It has a colorful and well maintained feed.




The page shows you the importance of success and displays the quotes and sayings by successful people who have all worked so hard and reached where they are today.


Love is a wonderful feeling, isn't it? Let it be loving your parents, friends, better half or for that case a random stranger who just walked past you. The page has really adorable love quotes accompanied with cute pictures. It won't fail to make you smile.




The account has a very Tumblrish touch to it which attracts many viewers as well. The page has quotes from various spheres of life which you can relate to, smile at and learn from.


As we all know that success is impossible without you working hard and giving your hundred percent to whatever you do. Having a billionaire mindset will help you think like most of the successful billionaires do and eventually try and follow their footsteps to reach the success apex. The page has quotes that will inspire you to dream big and achieve all your dreams by working towards it.


Who doesn't like to be surrounded by positive vibes? We all appreciate and like it right? If yes then it would be the best time for you to scroll through this page. It not only gives you nice quotes but also gives you life lessons which you can remember for a life time.


This is a very attractive account as well. The page looks more attractive with fancy backgrounds they have added with each quote. The type writer font is fascinating as well.