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Headline for List of Whale Species in Sri Lanka - Learn about Five of the Most Sighted Whale Species in the Indian Ocean
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List of Whale Species in Sri Lanka - Learn about Five of the Most Sighted Whale Species in the Indian Ocean

Of the eighty whale species that have been identified in the world, twenty six of such species have been spotted in the waters surrounding the island nation of Sri Lanka.


Sperm Whale

The species known as the Sperm Whale is possibly one of the better known whale species alongside the Blue Whale. The Sperm Whale, in fact, holds the distinction of having the largest brain of all animals on earth. The brain of a Sperm Whale is also believed to be five times heavier than the human brain. This whale species is large toothed and is also the largest predator with teeth. It can grow for an average of sixteen meters in length and is fairly large in comparison to most whale species. Sperm Whales have a life span of around sixty years and are also able to dive deep into the waters in order to feed. Sperm Whales mostly live on a diet comprised of squid. For those who wish to see Sperm Whales, the Southern coast of Sri Lanka is ideal between December and April. Indeed, whale watching is listed as one of the things to do in Kalutara, a town on the coastal belt of the island.


Blue Whale

This gentle mammal belongs to the family of Baleen Whales. Blue Whales grow up to around thirty metres in length and weighs around one hundred and seventy tonnes. Therefore, this whale species is considered to be the largest mammal in the entire world. Blue Whales can be seen in Mirissa from December to April and many tours to this coastal town are organised by beach resorts such as Anantara Kalutara Resort during this time. When in Mirissa, those who embark on whale watching will notice that Blue Whales are usually seen in pairs or alone.


Killer Whale

Also known as Orcinus Orca, the Killer Whale is a toothed whale. This species, unlike the Blue Whale, are very social and are often found in groups. Killer Whales are extremely recognisable given the white markings that appear on its body. This whale species has a diet that ranges from fish to large whales and pinnipeds.


Fin Whale

Similar to the Blue Whale species, the Fin Whale belongs to the sub order of Baleen Whales. It is also the second largest mammal in the world (next to the Blue Whale. Fin Whales grow to an average length of ninety or so feet and weigh around seventy-five tonnes. It is far more slender than other whale species and is thus known as the 'Greyhound of the Sea' because of its shape and speed. The Fin Whale is also known as the Finback Whale, Common Rorqual or Razorback Whale.


Byrde's Whale

This species belongs to the family of Baleen Whales. The feature that sets the Byrde's Whale apart from other whale species is the fact that it has no teeth and instead, it has twin blowholes. This species belongs to the same family as Humpback Whales and Blue Whales.