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Updated by Career Naija on Apr 05, 2018
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10 Latest and Top Job Search Trend in 2017 Every Job Seekers Should Know.

Where are you looking for Job- Top Jobs Search Trend in 2017. Latest and Top Job Search Trend in 2017 Every Job Seekers Should Know. CAREERNAIJA BLOG OFFERS THE BEST CAREER ADVICE, TIPS AND EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START OR BUILD A SUCCESSFUL CAREER.


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How to Search for Jobs and Land your Dream Job in 2017

As job seekers, if we don’t know where things are going, we might be improperly equipped to complete in the every growing competitive labour market. Careernaija as career practitioner, we take delight in share with our audience latest job search trend, career advices, hacks, tips and everything you need to build a successful career. You need to see some of the latest job search trends so you can be position to find the greatest opportunity and land your dream job.

Here are Latest Job search tips and trends since the turn of 2017:

Create and Cultivate your LinkedIn Presence

With over 200 million users and influencers, hiring decision makers, hr experts , professionals, executive recruiters and more hanging around on LinkedIn, you will be missing a great deal if your are yet to create a LinkedIn account and profile. You don’t want to be absent from the conversation and amount of information that could benefit your job search effort. Get on your computer and type and hit the enter button to begin. You are supposed to use LinkedIn Jobs to harness the power of your network and get your dream job. Find your next career opportunity now on LinkedIn today, the job search tool at your disposal makes it easily for you to connect and find your dream job. It’s such an amazing way place to find career opportunities wherever you want to.

Here are quick guidelines for using LinkedIn for your Job Search:

Register if you have not done so
Complete and update your profile
Optimize your profile for search engine
Find and use connections to your own advantage
Update your job search options
Leverage on referrals endorsement and recommendations
Use Company LinkedIn profile to learn about your Employers
Your inbox as a great CRM and Engagement tool
And lot more
Become Socio (Social Media) Employable

Get active on social media, in addition to LinkedIn - which a professional networking platform,

Profile page creation and optimization it is just advisable to join at least two other social media platforms -Twitter and Facebook recommended. Become socio employable in the sense that potential and hiring recruiters can easily associate your with certain skills and talent. Let your social profile and updates reflect your skills set, abilities and potentials. It’s not just enough to share post on latest news and gist, mean while those periods or post can be used to woo our potential recruiters. Ensure it is well optimized for search engine, so you can be easily found when recruiters do a search. Facebook, Twitter can be controversial channel for careerists to openly publish their taught, but you can dare to be different and become social media platform employable.

Quit Staring at Online Jobs Posting

Nothing comes easy in life, and there you can get sense out of nonsense. Landing your dream job and applying for online jobs can be tiring and overwhelming. But you have to keep pushing. Stop stirring at the posted jobs. Make an attempt to apply today. The competition is stiff and we have a lot of people applying for the same job role. Sometimes we have overwhelming job criteria and qualifications, as long you meet certain conditions, it’s ok to apply. Also, you can apply for jobs you are over qualified for, don’t forget you have the upcoming interview session to change the mind or impress your potential employer. Aside applying for jobs on Job posting site, ensure you subscribe to receive daily newsletter or job updates from the website. When you do this, you don’t miss out on other jobs when you are not available or when you don’t visit the website. You get them right in your inbox. Endeavour to bookmark these pages while you surfing the job site, there are 1001 job site in Nigeria today, search smart and not hard anymore.

Company’s Career Page

With the advance of technology, recruitment has gone digital. That’s no secret. Employers now prefer to reach a worldwide audience through their company website. Aside promoting and selling their services, they also use their website to recruit and sell their brand. Some company site has designed their career page in such a way that applicants or job seekers can register and submit their CVs even when there are no current jobs. As soon as they have jobs matching your preference, you will be contacted. So, ensure you keep your email and line opened; you might just be a buzz away from landing your dream job.

Quit Whining on Public and Job Forums

Whining is unattractive and very well might cost a potential job opportunity, or even the job you already have. Stop whining on Social media, or any other public forum. You will find job interview and career advice, resume tips posted by professionals and job seeker on this forum. There are also thousands of hiring managers and jobs posted daily on job forums. Make sure you use the time spent on these forums productively and to enhance your job search efforts. Even when you don’t know anyone at the company you’re applying to, use the forum to find a recruiter’s email, ask for applications tips, likely interview question and get directions or verify if a job opening is genuine.

WhatsApp Group for Job Recruiters

You can now subscribe to channels where you can get free job alert on mobile WhatsApp. There are HR groups and Job Site now has WhatsApp group link to join and get daily jobs update on your WhatsApp. Job recruiters also have turned to WhatsApp to quickly engage potential applicant in a short interview session. Now you are aware, so stay alert. You can also search online for List of WhatsApp Group Link for latest jobs in Nigeria and hiring managers.

Use your Local Newspapers

Job applicants have become dependent on the internet, company website career page, social media, LinkedIn for job search ignoring the option to examine job posting on local newspaper. The employment sections of the dailies still have the potential of landing your dream job. For an Employer to have taken the pain and bear the cost of advertising on local newspaper, you are rest assured that the job is genuine. The employment section can still land you your dream job, so don’t overlook the channel. You don’t want to miss out on high paying jobs do you? If you answer is no, you will want to examine your local newspaper and its employment section. The good news is that we have a lot of them around now that you can choose from. Also, should you decide to stick to the internet, you might also want to examine the online editions of your newspapers. You will usually find them in the advertisements section, if there are no classified or separate pages for job listings.

As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” The more you are aware of the latest job search trends, the more empowered you become to set your career on the success path and land your job dream. Remember we highlighted in one of our previous article titled “Top Job Skills that are Optimal for Executive Job Search”, although we didn’t mention knowing where to look for jobs as part of the skills. But in actual sense, knowing where the jobs are and going for them should be a much desired and highly rated skills for job seekers.