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Mobile Application Testing Services

BugRaptors perform both manual and automation testing for mobile applications. We assure that the app is developed with all features and functionality needed by our client and which is valuable to the app user. We provide a complete plan which gives customers the assurance that the app will function as intended on diverse devices with changing screen sizes, resolutions, internal hardware, and operating systems as well as across telecom operator networks.

Cloud-Based Mobile Device Lab: How it helps Accelerating Time to Market and ROI - BugRaptors

In Today’s scenario, organizations have various numbers of applications that need to be tested across multiple platforms, operating systems, and device types. It becomes very chaotic to maintain variety of mobile phones and tablets with the latest Android or iOS updates available across all makes and models for 24/7. There are various security concerns that arise for mobile cloud testing as well as data management and accessibility thus creating a complex situation. So there is a need for a single piece of testing equipment which can solve various problems such as maintaining infrastructure which can provide security to all the devices in a test lab and process through which we can manage device accessibility to globally distributed team members.

Running Automated Testing Software in an Agile Environment |

As more teams adopt both Automated Software Testing and an Agile environment, it becomes clear they are best practiced together.


Manual and Automated Software Testing Services

Manual and Automated Software Testing Services

BugRaptors has domain expertise team for web testing service. We are proficient in working with various test models like Sequential & Agile. We formulate a robust approach and personalized test plans to ensure all prerequisites are met according to the application as expected.

Why an application needs to be tested in different networks Environment? - BugRaptors

When we talk about our network’s stability, we should consider one thing that latency and packet loss are built in properties of mobile networks. There are many mobile network simulator tools available in the market which allow you to test your application in different network conditions. But to see what the users experience in reality we need to test how our application behaves in a perfect network or a slow network. Variety of networks are available all over the world having different behavior. Network type (LTE, 3G, and 2G etc.) is one of the most obvious differences that can affect an application.

What is Cross Browser Automation Testing & How to perform it? - BugRaptors

Cross browser testing is a technique which is used to test the behavior of a website or an application in multiple browsers. It is necessary to ensure that your web application or website is performing accurately on all the browsers due to the fact that browsers have a different method of presenting the site, in which case differences and errors might occur in the layout, feature or functionality. It involves examining the compatibility of your application across multiple web browsers. Cross Browser testing involves testing both the client side and server side behavior of the Web application when it is accessed using different Web Browsers.

Mobile Application Testing – Emulators Vs Simulators Vs Real Devices

It became very difficult to do mobile testing due to the increasing no of mobile devices. For that, emulators and Simulators both are great alternatives for testing apps. Real device mobile testing requires the use of the actual mobile device whereas mobile emulators and simulators are based on the concept of virtual testing.
Want to know the most effective selection for mobile app testing?
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The mobile apps are overtaking our lives but on the other hand, it gives open access to the hackers for stealing the app information and tracking the user’s records without alerting the business owners. In this blog, we have summarized the common mobile application vulnerabilities along with the solutions that will help you to know why you should prioritize the security before setting up the business online.

Improve Your System Performance With Performance Testing Services

Performance testing focuses on non-functional testing to ensure that software applications work under the expected load. The goal of performance testing services is not to find bugs but to eliminate performance bottlenecks.
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Importance of Testing Healthcare Mobile Apps

Healthcare is a scalable field where no one can take the risk of error. This is why testing of healthcare mobile apps devices are stringent. Check out the list of the useful tips that can be considered while testing healthcare mobile apps: