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Tyler Slawson: Parabola Lesson

Description: This has many standards and good objectives/standards for teachers to go over.
Rationale: This is a good place for me to get ideas/objectives for teaching.

Graphing Quadratics (Parabolas)

Description: This website breaks down graphing parabolas very nicely, and it is well organized.
Rationale: I could have students who are struggling use this website as review because it breaks down the content very well.

Finding the vertex of a parabola in standard form

Description: This goes over some very basic concepts of graphing parabolas, an example is completing the square.

Rationale: I could tell students who are struggling to watch this video at home if they don't understand completing the square homework.

Introduction to Parabolas

Description: Very interesting way to introduce parabolas in the real world.
Rationale: Link real world things to math.

Applications of Parabolas

Description: Very upper level applications of parabolas.
Rationale: This is for upper level students that are interested in the next level math and how parabolas apply to it.


Description: This website is a lesson that goes over the different shifts on a graph of a parabola and how the equation effects the shift.
Rationale: A good place to get ideas for a lesson.

Description: A game that forces you to make the given parabola equation on a graph.
Rationale: A good way for students to review graphing parabolas.

Football and Parabolas

Description: Video is an interesting way to relate parabolas with football.
Rationale: Way to get students interested in math and its applications in the real world.

Description: This is a general description of parabolas and their shifts when graphed.
Rationale: An organized website that allows for a quick review.

The Sport of Solving Quadratic Equations

Description: A good way to link sports and parabolas.
Rationale: Motivation for athletes to get interested in math.