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Intonation Resources

Intonation Information

A site filled with general information about intonation that specifically pertains to the band setting. Students must understand how intonation functions before they can stay properly in tune.

Group Tuning

This video demonstrates the concept of tuning the wind band in groups of instruments in order to maximize rehearsal time. Developing a good personal routine and group routine is important to tuning.

Intonation and Tuning Games

Two simple games that can help develop a good ear for intonation. A fun way for students to learn more and gain intonation skills.

An online tuning app. Students who do not have a tuner or a tuning app on their phone still need a pitch reference.

Five Best Tuner Apps

A list of the best intonation apps available. Choosing a good tuning app can make or break a student's understanding of pitch.

InTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation

An ios app that can be used to improve pitch accuracy and intonation. The game has been highly touted as both fun and useful, and provides an easy and engaging way for students to work on intonation outside of class.

A chart for each instrument that students can fill out to recognize tuning tendencies. It provides a valuable resource so each student is aware of how intonation works on their particular instrument.

Warmup and tuning routines for each instrument. It's important that each player understands how their instrument may differ from others, and warming up is an essential part of proper tuning.

Tuning the Band by James Jurrens

A link to a book with hints for tuning the concert band. A good resource for directors who may have forgotten all the stuff they learned in college about each specific instrument.

A set of 3 chorales for concert band that focus on intonation. Chorales are a great way to work on tuning, and help students discover how tuning may differ between different intervals.