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10 Resources for the 3 Branches of Government


This website has an informational video about the three branches of government. It also has a quiz and different games that the kids can explore. I chose this because I remember watching BrainPOP when I was in school and they were very helpful. I also took a quick look at the games and they looked helpful as well




A nice infograhic about the 3 different branches with who is important in each branch. I like this because it show the different buildings that each group operates in, The students can see how they are all in different buildings.

Schoolhouse Rock: America - I'm Just a Bill Music Video

This shows the 3 branches in action. I think its important to see how they all work together. I chose this because I watched this when I was in school and I think it is a very good video. The song is catchy too so I think the kids could have fun singing along

Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances: Crash Course Government and Politics #3

This gives a good idea of what checks and balances are. I chose this because I like crash course and I think they have a good information although sometimes it can be a lot to take in. Maybe I could have the kids write down 1 fact about each branch that they learned and then put them together.

Constitution of the United States - We the People

Here is the actual words of the constitution. I would use this just as a reference so they could see what they Constitution actually says. The language is sort of hard so I wouldn't use it too much.

This gives basic information about the 3 branches. It has links to all the congress, presidents and judges as well. I chose this because I didn't have an informational article yet, some kids might just want to read and not just watch a video about the information.

U.S.A Government: Branches of Government Game

It has the branches of government and their powers but I also think it shows some good examples of checks and balances as well. I chose it because kids like doing anything that has game in front of it, plus you actually learn from it.

Congress for Kids: [Executive Branch]: Introduction to the Executive Branch

This has information about the executive branch. I chose this because I think it's important to have a better look inside each of the branches instead of just a general overview.

Congress for Kids: [Legislative Branch]: Introduction to the Legislative Branch

Here is more information about the legislative branch. I chose this because it goes along with the executive and judicial pages that I found.

Congress for Kids: [Judicial Branch]: Introduction to the Judicial Branch

This gives more info on the judicial branch. It goes along with the legislative and executive branches.