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Updated by hails-x on Oct 23, 2017
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5 Great Lifestyle Chatbots

These are my current favourite lifestyle chatbots. But with Snatchbot allowing developers to create bots for free, I’m sure there will be updates to this list soon.




SendGoal chatbot will help you to stay focussed, keep you up-to date with your tasks and generally save you from the feeling of being overwhelmed and losing focus at the goal ahead. “FOCUS on defining your goals, and MOTIVATING you to achieve them on a daily basis.”



DoctorBot to the rescue as it’s not easy to find or choose who you are going to trust with your health. Whether it is an emergency to find the nearest hospitals or clinics or searching for specialists or dentists this Chabot has your back.



DRBot is there to remind you to take your medication at scheduled times. With your ‘Health Care Assistant’ checking your health index to make sure that you are within the normal range or simply checking common disease symptoms. With health news and information this chatbot is like your personal health consultant.



Epytom – The Mindful Stylist. Hassle free means not having to answer too many questions or photographing your wardrobe. Epytom gives you the opportunity to sign up online to get more insight into yourself and their chatbot gives you the opportunity to receive outfit ideas on a daily basis using basics that should be found in your wardrobe already.



Shapa in your life means having your own personal trainer. By creating a Shapa account at you can link Alexa to your account. Used to keep track of your measurements it keeps you motivated on your journey and recommends an activity for the day!