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Famous Missourians

Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Memestory

Description: Video of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacajawea, and her husband using memes and funny clips. Mr. Betts.

Rationale: It is longer than the Rap, but funny. The video might grab the students attention more. It has more information than the Rap did too. So if a student wanted to choose Lewis & Clark it could be a good resource for the students. Mr. Betts uses the word idiot (and I don't like that word), and some of the humor might be too high for third graders. I am not sure about this video, but I like Mr. Betts videos and think I could use him at some point if not for this age group.

ChatterPix Kids |

Description: This is an app where students could take any photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record their voice.  It's free.

Rationale: I might have student draw a picture of their Famous Missourian, and record an "autobiography". Then they could present it or post the link on their Fakebook.

Flipgrid. Ignite Classroom Discussion.

Description: A flipped classroom approach to using video for igniting student discussion and engagement. Available on iOS, Android, Chromebook, and all major browsers.

Rationale: I just added this to remind myself I might want to use it.

Missouri Studies

Description: GeoNet is the Home page, but this is the link to the Missouri Studies. There are games on GeoNet for students to play.

Rationale: Specifically, I would have the students read the biographies and take the quick comprehension questions as follow up.

Historic Missourians - The State Historical Society of Missouri

Description: The State Historical Society of Missouri. The site has biographies of famous Missourians. It is designed in a scrapbook format.

Rationale: It is perfect for the project. The students can find all the information they might needs. The site is child friendly.

Missouri History

Welcome to the Show-Me State
Description: This site breaks down all the information about Missouri that is taught in schools. It has geography, Lewis & Clark, Biographies, Symbols.

Rationale: It's awesome and is a great resource of Missouri information. The site is easy to navigate and safe for students. The links work on the website, and I can see it be a key resource for the students and myself.


Description: Students can create a fictional social profile.

Rationale: I might have the students use this tool to create a fakebook page about their Famous Missourian.

Documents — SmartDraw Cloud

Description: Smart Draw is a document generator. You can create mind maps, timelines, flow charts, etc.

Rationale: I might use it to create a timeline of the Famous Missourians. It might help students to have a visual aid. I also might have the students use it to make a timeline of their person's life. I think third graders can use it easily, but they would have to log into the program. I need to actually make a timeline to make sure how user friendly it is. I played with it for a while, but did not make a full timeline. Some timelines are more difficult than others, but I am pretty sure the basic timeline would work for students.


Description: An educational music video to learn all about the Lewis & Clark Expedition. It is short and catchy.

Rationale: I can use it to grab attention. I can use it as a model of what students could produce. I don't know if I will use it, but it is short and can catch attention of students. Could be a good introduction to the lesson.

Disney The American Presidents: Harry S. Truman

Description: YouTube video about Harry S. Truman. It is a 5 min video that students could understand.

Rationale: If students choose Harry S. Truman as their Famous Missourian it is a good video to help them learn about him as well has his political career. I might show it to the entire class as well. I am not sure how my lesson will unfold.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Part 1: Crash Course Literature #302

Description: Video about Huckleberry Finn. John Green and his brother make all kinds of videos about World History, Social Studies, and Science.

Rationale: The video talks about Samuel Clemens' life a lot in the video. I think the content could be too much for third graders, but I might be able to use a clip from it (or use this to remind me I wanted to find a better video about Sam Clemons). I am still uncertain about this one, but I wanted to put it on here for older grades if I every have to make a lesson plan for them I like this guys videos.

Description: This is a website that kids can explore about Missouri History. It is a published by the Missouri Secretary of State.

Rationale: I am particularly interest in the History & Fun Facts. It has a Timeline of Missouri History, Famous Missourians, and information about Lewis & Clark. It also has in the game link two crossword puzzles I could use as a fun game.