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Argumentative Writing Lesson

This is an article that gives arguments both for and against whether or not milk is healthy.

I chose this because the students will be able to read this article and see what it looks like to argue for or against a concept with facts and not biases or pure opinion.

This is a blog that gives hands on and engaging activities for students to do in order to grasp argumentative writing and practice the concept.

I chose this because I loved the ideas that were presented and would love to use one of them in this lesson.

This is the link to buy a program that helps students practice forming logical arguments.

I chose this because it looked like a fun way to practice logical reasoning and it gives feedback right away. It also is super engaging!

This is another game, that is free, that allows students to process facts in order to build a solid argument.

I chose this because it is thought provoking for the students. They are given a side of an argument and then they have to read options and decide which claim makes the most sense. My intentions with this game is that the students will have some questions because that means that they are exploring how to argue well and that will be used in their writing prompts.

This is an activity idea that would allow students to pick a side of an innocent argument regarding Halloween and then back their side up with actual facts that they find.
I chose this because it introduces students to the idea of arguing for a specific opinion with facts, but with an innocent and fun subject emotions won't be involved right off the bat. This would allow students to grasp the basics before they start writing about things they are passionate about.

This is a picture of the different parts of an argumentative essay.
I chose this because students need to be introduced to the different parts in order to begin the journey of argumentative papers. Sometimes having a creative chart helps students remember or at least gives them something to refer back to.

This is a pin of an activity that the class can do arguing two sides of a topic. One side of the board has claims, on pieces of paper, that support one side of an argument and the other side of the board has claims that support the other side of the argument.

I chose this because it is a hands on activity that teachers can tailor to their classroom and students. It is fun, interactive, gets students out of their seat, and it helps students visualize the two sides of an argument.

This is a video that explains the components of an argument, the importance, and the process.

I chose this because I think it talks about a subject the students will relate to: wanting a new cellphone. A video is a good way to present information while keeping lecturing time to a minimum and it would hopefully engage the students.

This is a tool students can use to map/organize their thoughts before writing an argumentative essay. It is helpful for planning.

I chose this because the online map gives extra pizzaz to students' ideas that pencil and paper doesn't provide. The map will help students think through and plan their paper in a fun way.

This is a list of prompts.

I chose this because it can be difficult as a teacher to come up with a variety of prompts that are age appropriate and relevant to the students' lives. I liked the ideas posed on this list and think it would be a great teacher resource to have.