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Alexander N. Lenard, MD

Dr. Alexander N. Lenard is considered by his peers as one of the finest spinal surgeons in Florida. Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery with a Fellowship in Spinal Disorders and Spinal Surgery, Dr. Lenard is an expert when it comes to treating a range of spinal disorders from common to exceptionally rare.

When You Must Visit a Back Surgeon Right Away

Damaged spine conditions can cause the incidence of regular chronic back pain, which is never an ideal spot to be in. To avoid such spine disorders, visit to Lenard MD for effective solutions.

Most Common Reasons that can Lead to Spinal Pain

Common back pain or strain in nerves connected to spine can cause chronic sickness that may let you go a surgery. So, do not take any spine condition lightly and take care of your spine to live ling and healthy. Contact Lenard MD for more information.

Most Common Reasons that can Lead to Spinal Pain

As per a recent survey, back pain is one of the most common ailments faced by all the generations nowadays. The present lifestyle, involving being seated for several hours while working, is a major reason for frequent backache woes.

What is the right time to go for a Spine surgery?

This is one crucial answer that only your doctor will be able to give after proper examination of your spine with the help of a complete scan. To schedule a scan or appointment for checkup, call Lenard MD at 561-840-1090.

Aspects you must consider before opting for a Spinal Surgery

Florida is the abode to some of the best facilities having some best and recognized Spine Surgeon in West Palm Beach. And if you require a spine surgery and don't have any other option, then your best option will be to head to one of these surgeons as soon as possible.

Dr. Lenard performs the best back pain surgery in west palm beach. He has a vast amount of experience treating a wide variety of spinal disorders and injuries. For more details, just visit to our website or call us at 561-840-1090.

Know when to visit a spine surgeon in West Palm Beach?

The problem of lower back pain is pretty common in people after a certain age because of a sedentary life style. Especially those people who spend countless hours sitting in their office chairs to complete the work load, which is entrusted upon them every day throughout their life.

Spine surgery scope in Palm Beach

The scope of spine surgery around the world is continually on the rise due to improvement in advanced surgical procedures with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities coming up all around the globe. Surgical treatment of spine becomes necessary when the symptoms caused by spine disorders start affecting the daily life of people and the back pain becomes virtually impossible to bear anymore.

How to Find the Right Spine Surgeon in Virgin Islands

The spinal cord is the primary structure of a human body. At times, you may feel a sense of pain somewhere along the cord, and you may well choose to ignore it. What you may not realize is that any pain related to the spinal cord can cause serious complications later on.

Popular Surgeries You can Ask Your Surgeon For

If you have to undergo a spine surgery in Virgin Islands, you must know what options you have at hand. Even if you don’t know much about the same, you can still ask your surgeon about the available types from the surgeon and how much effective each of those techniques is.

Follow These Tips when Searching Chiropractor on the Internet

A good chiropractor can be a God’s gift for those who are suffering from spinal injuries. Especially if you are wary of going for a surgical treatment of spine, a chiropractor who specializes in neuromuscular disorders can be your best chance to get a nonsurgical treatment of your spinal ailment with the help of manual adjustment techniques.

5 Simple Tricks to Remove Lower Back Pain

Our sedentary lifestyle has made us susceptible to a number of diseases. One of the most common disorders one sees today is lower back pain. What starts as a niggling pain often accelerates into a full-blown spinal problem. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided with few simple lifestyle changes.

When You Should Call a Spine Surgeon

Chronic back pain has become one of the most common problems across America and while surgery may remove some of this pain, it is rarely required. Many back pains can be removed with a combination of simple exercise and physiotherapy.

What to Do After Back Surgery

The recovery period after a back surgery is often as important as the surgery itself. Often this is a complicated and delicate procedure involving one of the most important organs in your body — the back. It is important that we let the spine rest and heal after a back surgery Florida.

According to reports, as many as 8 out of 10 Americans experience pain in their back or neck at some point of time, before they reach the age of 50. The source of this pain varies based on their habits and lifestyle. Spine issues can subsequently be mechanical or neurological. 

Our lifestyle frequently involves sitting at a desk for long intervals. This leads to many of us experiencing back pain, which is not only painful but also affects our work-life balance. As a result if you don’t exercise regularly, your spine can feel pressure and can lead to significant pain as we age. Back pain should never be taken lightly.

Spinal surgery is a very complicated procedure, and it can lead to serious implications if it is not done properly. If you are planning to have Spine Surgery in Palm Beach County, it will be better to look at all of the treatments options that are available for your current condition. If you find that there is chance of avoiding surgery, it is probably a good idea to wait.

Many people suffer from back pain, but it is usually not too severe to be a serious concern. It is only when the back pain becomes too intense and starts affecting everyday functions that people decide to do something about it.

Find the Right Spine Surgeon in the US Virgin Islands

The Infographic given below on “Find-right-spine-surgeon-US-Virgin-Islands” explains the various conditions of spine that may require you to seek the services of a Spine surgeon.

Find the Right Spine Surgeon in the US Virgin Islands

The constant demands of hectic modern day lifestyle puts so much stress on the bodies of people these days, that their bodies are already in a pretty bruised and battered state by the time they enter their forties. Rising injuries to the Spine chord among people are also caused by this lifestyle, which are constantly overlooked by people, till they take serious proportions and start disrupting everyday life.

Weigh All Your Options Before Going For A Spine Surgery!

This Infographic gives a great insight on the different conditions of spinal injuries that a majority of people tend to face after entering the middle age bracket between 40 and 50. Since most of these injuries are caused due to long sittings in wrong body postures, this Infographic sheds light on those parts of spinal column that are most subjected to undue stresses caused by wrong body postures.

How to find the Right Spine Surgeon in the US Virgin Islands?

If the rising needs of a hectic modern day routine are putting your spine under too much stress, then probably it is high time for you to take a pause and look at relieving that stress before it inflicts irreparable damage to your spine.

What to Do When You Need a Spinal Fusion Surgery

One of the complicated spinal surgeries is spinal fusion surgery. What makes it complicated is the long aftercare. Healingcan take up to 18 months. It also changes the biomechanics of the back. Extreme risks include increased stress on lower spine joints and degeneration of adjacent spine.

How to Find a Spine Surgeon in Florida

If you are facing a possible spine surgery, it is crucial that you find a spine surgeon. A good surgeon will automatically improve your chances of a favorable surgery, while anything less can prove to be extremely dangerous. 

Lower Back Pain: Causes & Symptoms

With largely sedentary jobs where people are required to sit in one position for long time has seen a spike in people suffering from lower back pain. But the problem comes when it is persistent and intolerable.

  • Dr. Alexander N. Lenard is considered by his peers as one of the finest spinal surgeons in Florida. Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery with a Fellowship in Spinal Disorders and Spinal Surgery, Dr. Lenard is an expert when it comes to treating a range of spinal disorders from common to exceptionally rare. Dr. Alexander Lenard is one of the best spine surgeons in Florida, giving individuals relief from back pain with expert precision and individualized care. Dr. Alexander Lenard Specializes in Complex Spinal Conditions. What many surgeons are unable to resolve Dr. Lenard can fix!

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