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Magnum Home Health Care, Inc.

Magnum Home Health Care, Inc. is known state-wide to be the preferred provider of skilled and specialized care at home through Home Health Care Services.

Crucial Warning Signs that Your Senior Loved Ones Can No Longer Live Alone

Have you noticed something strange every time you visit your senior loved one? You may not be imagining things.

How Can the Summer Season Place Your Senior Loved One’s Health in Peril

Summer is a highly anticipated season all throughout the year. There are the beaches, golden sands, and the smiling Mr. Sun. One can do activities and explore places.

Exercise for the Elderly

When you are in your golden years, there are many things you will want to make sure you can keep in account of.

The Many Perks of a Home Health Care Service

Home Health Care Services can benefit you in a number of different ways, especially when you need some extra help or a hand around the home.

Tips for Post-Surgery Care

Recovering from a major operation can be a long journey but through personalized home health care services and some other methods, it is possible to get back on your feet and back to living a normal life in a relatively short time frame.

5 Types of Food to Avoid When You Have Arthritis

Arthritis refers to a disease that presents as a combination of inflammation and joint pain. These types of food can worsen those symptoms:

Post-Surgery Facts: 3 Stages of Healing

After a surgery, it is only natural that one rests well to allow the incision wound to heal. Obviously, the wound won't heal overnight.

How to Beat Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can easily beat down on a person if one does not do anything about it. Take note that chronic pain is all-encompassing.

Post-Surgery: The Do's and Don'ts You Should Remember

Your doctor may recommend that you undergo surgery to treat an existing condition. After your surgery, a period of rest is crucial for your recovery.

What to Consider When Building an Exercise Plan for Your Aging Family Members

Care professionals can look after their medical conditions while also providing necessary physical support.

5 Activities That Will Distract Your Mind Away From Pain

Don’t you sometimes wish you couldn’t feel pain?

As much as pain is an uncomfortable feeling, it is necessary. Pain notifies us in real-time when our body is injured so that we are able to prevent it from sustaining further damage. Without it, we could be going on our day and working our bodies without knowing that we’re injuring it beyond repair.

5 Amazing Ways Physical Therapy Improves Your Quality of Life

Physical therapy helps you heal in more ways than one

4 Things You Should Avoid After a Successful Surgery

After surgery, the only thing that you should be focusing on is your recovery.

How You Can Make Every Occupational Therapy Session Count

If you are sick, has a disability, in your advanced years or trying to recover from a surgery

Tips on Taking Care of Seniors with Dementia

Dementia is the deterioration of a person’s cognitive functioning—that is, thinking, remembering, and reasoning—and behavioral abilities.

Advantages of Having a Skilled Nurse at Home for Your Elderly

Nurses are treasures. They are health experts who are trained in combining scientific and medical knowledge with skills and personal care.

How Can Pain Management Help You?

Magnum Home Health Care, Inc. is a home health care agency in Hingham Farms MI that is dedicated to providing you with in-home care that is personalized to your unique needs. It is important to us to find ways to improve your quality of life and we are able to do this by offering you a number of services, such as pain management.

Understanding Deeper: Pain in the Aging Years

Pain during aging is common but this does not mean it’s normal. In fact, pain is our body’s way of signalling that something is wrong

3 Simple Exercises For Active Living

Critical to senior needs that we can’t overlook is the need for exercise. Regular exercise among seniors helps with the maintenance of blood pressure, avoid cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.