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Separating Mixtures

Separation of Milk

An article on the separation of milk.

How Are Oil Spills Cleaned?

There are four basic ways to clean or contain an oil spill, and workers determine the most appropriate method depending on the location of the spill, potential hazards, weather conditions, waves and currents.

Water Treatment Solutions

Top 10 of natural and anthropogenic environmental disasters - including the Amoco Cadiz oil spill.

Water Treatment Solutions

water purification steps advanced FAQ

Waste sorting

Waste sorting - A look at the separation and sorting techniques in today’s European market.
European citizens will not have failed to notice that the sorting of waste, particularly at a household level, is becoming increasingly important.

Refining of Petroleum

Petroleum is a complex mixture of organic liquids called crude oil and natural gas, which occurs naturally in the ground and was formed millions of years ago. Crude oil varies from oilfield to oilfield in colour and composition, from a pale yellow low viscosity liquid to heavy black 'treacle' consistencies.

Water treatment

We treat Melbourne’s water to make sure it is safe to drink. Learn about the treatment processes at each of our plants.

Water supply

Melbourne has some of the highest-quality drinking water in the world. Learn how it makes its long journey from forested catchment areas to your tap.

The Department of Health - 8 Methods of sewage treatment

Every community should have a way of disposing of sewage so that people, animals and flies cannot touch it. This is called a sewage system.
There are different types of sewage systems which can be described as on-site systems and sewage or effluent systems.