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Handicrafts in Mui Ne - Mementos of Lasting Memories

Well-known for its selection of intricate and skilfully created handicrafts; Mui Ne is more than an oasis of sun, sand, and surf. Read on and learn about the best souvenirs and gifts available there.


Mui Ne Handicrafts

The beautifully crafted souvenirs that make up Mui Ne's handicrafts sector demonstrate the skills of the disadvantaged locals there. Watch in amazement as differently abled adults and children turn out objects of beauty. Traditional looms are abuzz, turning out colourful handlooms while other artistic creations of jewellery, bags, blankets, and clothes are hard to resist.


Where to Go

The best Mui Ne handicrafts are sold at the Ham Tien Market. Just 11 minutes from hotels like Anantara Mui Ne Resort, the markets proper address is 152 Huyn Thuc Khang, Phan Thiet, Mui Ne. The place is open daily from 7 am to 11 pm, making it convenient to browse; besides, due to it conveniently early morning and late night opening hours it's possible to grab a souvenir and a couple of gifts just before setting off to the airport. Best of all, profits from the goods sold are handed over to the craftsmen themselves. A well-located beach resort Mui Ne will be within easy reach of many handicraft shops that spring up close to tourist-oriented locales.


Check Out the Range of Handicrafts

One of the most popular options is to shop around for textiles produced in Cham Designs; these can then be taken to a skilled tailor who will deftly create clothing to your desired design. If you are on the scout for a unique souvenir to take back, consider one of the stunning hand embroidered portraits of life in Mui Ne; these are available as Sand Paintings too, equally beautiful and skilfully created, it's hard to choose between the two. These are just the top picks, with plenty more intriguing handicrafts to choose from.


Ceramic Products

Glazed ceramic products have been a part of Vietnam's traditional handicrafts for centuries. At the Mui Ne handicraft shops, you will see a range of these products that include tea sets, serene looking Buddha statues, figurines of girls, plates, bowls, fancy flower vases and even some rather large lifelike statues of elephants. The designs are very traditional and rather intricate, such as the flute playing boy that is seated on a buffalo and beautiful girls picking lotus flowers. These pottery products are recognised across the globe and sold internationally; hence, they make fine gifts.


Rattan and Bamboo Products

Bamboo and lean rattan trees grow rampantly in Vietnam, as such, it's no wonder the local artisans have discovered a load of versatile uses for these canes. There are in fact over 200 products produced from this raw material. Shop for lampshades, bookcases, vases, fruit platters, flower baskets, hats and much more; these products are durable as they do not get infested by insects and are lightweight and easy to carry.


Beautiful Embroidery Products

Vietnamese are highly skilled in the art of embroidery and will easily create masterpieces, amalgamating a range of colours. The embroidery products are quite diverse and include beautifully created tablecloths, cushion covers, bedspreads and stunning murals.


Elegant Jewellery

Since the 2nd century, gold and silver has been used by the Vietnamese to create intricate jewellery. The jewellery industry consists of three main categories; the carving category which entails carving designs on the gold or silver jewellery, the Dau category which is a method of pulling the precious metal into long strands to be shaped into birds, flowers etc. before being attached to pieces of jewellery, and last but not the least, the Tron category which is a method of polishing the silver or gold into jewellery designs, eliminating the need to carve.