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5 Things to do in Mui Ne - There is Something for Everyone at this Vietnamese Fishing Village

Be mesmerized by the lifestyle of the locals and the unusual natural landmarks and features of Mui Ne, from geographical phenomena to cultural wonders.


Visit the Local Fish Market

The small town of Mui Ne located in the Binh Thuan Province of Vietnam hosts around twenty-five thousand residents and is a coastal fishing town. The closest city is that of Phan Thiet. The primary source of income for the people of both Phan Thiet as well as Mui Ne used to be fishing and the production of fish sauce. However, with the development experienced by Phan Thiet, the city has diversified its revenue streams. Mui Ne, however, continues to rely greatly on fishing to sustain its economy. Therefore, one of the best things to do in Mui Ne is to visit a fish market. Such a visit will provide you with an insight into how the locals fish and sell their produce.


Walk Along the Fairy Spring

This river in Mui Ne has one of the most idyllic of names. The Fairy Spring is located quite close to Mui Ne and a walk along the river makes for an excellent evening activity. The river runs alongside the mountain landscape and, as a result, hosts some unusual rock and sand formations. Tourists will also be able to observe sand dunes as they make their way along the river. The best route to take is to track the Fairy Spring from where the waters meet the ocean, back to its source, the spring. The Fairy Spring is located close to the Nguyen Dinh Chieu Road which runs in front of the Anantara Mui Ne Resort.


Have Fun at the Beach

Any tourist staying at a beach resort in Mui Ne will have the good fortune of having the ocean just outside their door. Take maximum advantage of this and opt to engage in the numerous water sports that are available in Mui Ne. Mui Ne is particularly well known for kitesurfing and therefore, this could be one of the best places to try your hand at this sport.


Make Your Way to the Sand Dunes for a Surreal Experience

One thing that the town of Mui Ne is well known for are the sand dunes. There are two different sand dunes that are located quite close to Mui Ne: the Red Dunes and the White Dunes. The White Dunes are very similar to a desert. The Red Dunes, only twenty minutes away from Mui Ne, are a lovely shade of orange-brown and is a spectacular place to watch the sunset. As the day draws to a close, the dying rays of the sun illuminate and enhance the colour of the Red Dunes in a beautiful and stunning manner.


Enjoy the Sunset by the Ocean

In addition to swimming in the ocean, tourists can also settle down comfortably towards evening in order to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Watching the sunset in Mui Ne is a wonderful way to wind down and bid adieu to a long day.