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Water Sports to Try in Abu Dhabi

Making a splash in the sparkling waters of the gulf

The city of Abu Dhabi is surrounded by two hundred islands which make it the perfect location for water sports enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill of the waves while taking in some amazing sights around the glistening coast. Here are a few water sports for the perfect aqua adventure.


Dragon boats

Only the toughest and most coordinated can ride the mighty dragon. Dragon boating is an exhilarating water sport that gets everybody together and just happens to be an invigorating exercise at the same time. This fit activity involves 20 people paddling away inside an elongated kayak which is aptly adorned with a dragon's head in the front. The experience is unmatched. You can truly know how it is if you are there in the waters hammering away with your paddle buddies to the synchronized beat. Dragon boating is a seriously competitive sport with many races, competitions and even festivals in UAE annually. Practice and get really good and you just might be able to take part!



The cool kids decided that the other water sports were far too tame so they came up with flyboarding; this water sport is super thrilling! Fly boarders actually boost themselves in and out of the water with jet-propelled boots. A powerful stream of water pushes them into the air to heights as much as eight metres above sea level. You will have to work on your balance and technique to work these boots to the maximum but the experience is really worth it. After a couple of attempts, first-timers usually get the hang of it if they focus well. You should be hovering above the water in no time. This is one activity for daredevils and extreme water sports enthusiasts.



A sport such as this requires immense control and stamina, not to mention a very strong set of lungs! Freediving can also be referred to as "diving underwater without any gear to help you breathe". This means that the single breath you take before you make that deep plunge will be your last until you swim back to the very top. It is no surprise that such diving takes a great deal of training and practice, but aqua lovers are bound to be attracted to trying this one out


Jet ski

When it comes to jet skiing, the ideal conditions would be the waters where waves are almost completely absent. Luckily, for Jet Ski fanatics, the artificial sea channel in Ghantoot Marina poses just the same conditions which make it the best location for Jet Ski rides and all sorts of tricks in the waters. A Jet Ski ride is basically a motorcycle cruise on the water and is really popular amongst the many individual water sports that are motorized. Another bonus is that you can enjoy a full ride and try out different tricks and moves without interrupting animals or sunbathers.



Kayaking is a much-loved water sport in the UAE and several luxury hotels offer some pretty awesome packages such as Sir Bani Yas Island Hotel, for example. Take a trip down to the gorgeous mangroves of the Arabian Gulf at any time of day and paddle your way to some incredibly blissful sights. This is a great activity to get you moving and keep fit while you are on holiday. Winding down in the kayak goes well with the pretty landscape you can enjoy the waters and around the coast. It is easy to enjoy kayaking if you stay at resorts like Al Sahel Villa Resort by Anantara where you can splash about in a kayak at the water sports centre located there.