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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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5 Popular Temples to Visit in Bangkok - The Best Temple Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok's temples play an important cultural and historical role in the city, and a trip here would not be complete without at least seeing some of the best of them.


Wat Kalayanamit

Situated along the banks of the Chao Phraya River, this massive temple is generally ignored due to its close proximity to the more famous Wat Arun. If you're looking for a more serene, less crowded temple experience; this is the place to visit. The enormous seated gold Buddha inside lends an air of tranquility and the cold breeze from the temple's own pier provides a break from Bangkok's humidity.


Wat Arun

Speaking of Wat Arun, this temple is one of Thailand's iconic landmarks and one you should not miss. The temple's unparalleled design is what makes it stand out apart from other temples in the area- the intricately adorned spires rise magnificently over the waterside, while the gold stupa is decorated with a porcelain floral design. Whilst stunning to look at during the day, it's even better at sunset, when the structure takes on the golden hues of the setting sun.


Loha Prasat Temple

If it is one thing the city doesn't lack, its majestic temples, but some more than others, stand out with their impressive architecture. Despite its central location near Wat Saket and several Bangkok city hotels such as the contemporary AVANI Atrium Bangkok, this temple has gone largely unnoticed by many. Commonly referred to as the 'metal castle', the temple was built in 1846, the unique design inspired by two other temples found in India and Sri Lanka. The temple has 37 metal spires corresponding to the 37 virtues to enlightenment, and multiple concentrically square levels built on geometrically aligned pillars.


Wat Benchamabophit

Also known as the Marble Temple, this is one of the city's most eye-catching and modern temples. The ordination hall was built with white Italian marble, and the 3-tiered roof is a great example of modern Thai architecture. Displayed around the courtyard are 52 Buddha statues, both foreign and local, in different styles and postures. Behind the courtyard is a large Bodhi Tree which was brought from Bodi Gaya in India, the site where Buddha achieved Enlightenment. Explore further and you'll come across the water pavilion and several bridges in an assortment of designs.


Wat Pho

Also known as Wat Phra Chetuphon, is one of the biggest temple complexes in Bangkok, and is best known for its reclining Buddha. Located near the grand palace, the temple's massive reclining Buddha measures over 46metres long and is covered in finely detailed gold leaf. Wander around the complex and take in the other structures including several chapels, figurines and traditional paintings. If you're looking for a little good luck, purchase a bowl of coins near the entrance, and drop a coin into each of the 108 bronze bowls that line the walls of the temple.