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7 Local Cuisines to Try in Dubai

What's stirring in the Middle-Eastern hot pot?

The thing with the cuisine you find in Dubai is that, it is nothing short of a gastronomical dream which stretches far beyond the boundaries of local flavours, to include the succulent tastes of a mix of cultures and destinations. Here are some of the best city foods you can dip your taste buds in.



Kunafa calls out to any cheese lover or indulgent foodie craving for a yummy treat. It is a simple sugar and egg based pastry stuffed with melting cheese which bursts out thickly when you take your first bite. Though simple, it is one of the most-loved Arabic sweets.



This is a holiday favourite that is enjoyed during festivals and other special occasions. It is a sheer sweet delight which is basically a pastry stuffed with a date, almond, walnut and pistachio filling. When it comes out of the oven, it is powdered generously with sugar.



Hummus is a wonderful savoury paste made out of chickpeas which is enjoyed as a yummy dip with sesame seeds and spices added into it for a burst of flavour. A healthy drizzling of oil and the hummus is ready to be served to hungry patrons with side dishes of breads and fries. This Middle-Eastern meal gets many encores at tables just because of how charming and delicious it is. It truly makes you feel at home in the glitzy city of Dubai.



If you're vegetarian or just looking for some healthy bites, the Tabbouleh is the way to go. It is a flavourful dish with crunchy onions, crushed wheat, tomato and fresh cucumber topped with lemon juice and mint for an energizing kick. This is a perfect dish to order with the main course and is a popular one amongst the veggie visitors who are making rounds of the city.


Al Harees

Al Harees is a rich porridge which is basically oats, meat and water, where the oats are kept overnight in hot charcoal. The steaming bowl is brought to your table with the most delicious aroma that you will want to eat it immediately and risk burning your tongue on the warm meaty goodness of the hot porridge. This dish is one of which most people enjoy during the holy month of Ramadan.



This is a sweet milk pudding with some incredible rosewater and pistachio highlights. These exotic flavours make it a really comforting dessert. Travellers with a sweet tooth love to indulge in this gorgeous dish. It is the perfect way to wind down after a blissful Middle-Eastern supper. One way to enjoy Mahalabiya is to check in at fine dining restaurants in Dubai such as the AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel.



Falafel is yet another exciting savoury delight that is offered by many shops, restaurants and diners throughout Dubai. It is made from finely ground chickpeas fried to perfection in hot oil to make a tasty fritter with succulent flavours. It is enjoyed with tomatoes and onions with fresh breads and makes for the ideal snack.