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06 Best Street Foods to Try Out in Pattaya - Made to Order

Food lovers, this means just about everyone, will find Pattaya street food a treat from heaven. Doing justice to the popular notion that Thai food is one of the best in the world, here are top picks.


Doner Kebab

To savour the real essence of Thai cuisine, one needs to hit the street kiosks; Pattaya is home to some mouth-watering venues that promise to satisfy foodies from across the globe. Although dining at the best restaurants in Pattaya will turn out to be a super treat, the real experience lies in savouring street food. Doner Kebab is a good start; serving Turkish kebabs, which are ideal to savour as you continue your walking tour. A typical kebab will consist of chicken and vegetables wrapped in pita bread, plain bread or a tortilla. Covered in lashings of exotic sauce, every bite is a treat in your mouth.



Walking about the food streets of Thailand, you will find a variety of food served on a stick; there are sausages, fish, steak, fruit and satay. Chicken and pork satay are the most popular and well worth a taste; especially since they are easy on the purse. For a slightly higher price, that is still very cheap, you can order beef or pork chop satay. Less than 5 minutes from hotels like AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa is Beach Road on Soi 13, where you can savour what is probably the best beef and pork chop satay in Pattaya.


Annette's Ice Cream

An ice cream on a warm balmy night certainly hits the spot and in Pattaya, Annette has the best ice cream in town. Annette was determined to master the art of Italian ice cream, so she created a unique set of flavours that made the brand name a popular option for ice cream in Thailand. Sales were so good that there are three Annette I-Tuk Tuk's (the branded tuks selling Annette's Ice Cream) on Beach Road in Pattaya; another fab reason for choosing to stay at a Pattaya resort close by. Choose from the likes of Tiramisu, chocolate chip and mint, and the customary Durian flavour that's unique to the region.


Thai Noodles

Take away noodles and soups are ever popular food options in the country. In Pattaya, you will find a range of pre-cooked noodles, soup, sticky rice and the popular papaya salad. Noodles with vegetables, pork, chicken and egg are popular options. The best way to enjoy this readymade food is to grab a bag of noodles and a drink, park yourself at the nearest bench with a good view and tuck into the best noodles in town.


Salted Fish

Salted fish should be enjoyed on the beach, together with drinks and good friends. Sold by beachside vendors, the Thai version of salted fish is absolutely delicious. The meat falls away from the bone and has a rich deep flavour that works well with drinks.


Fresh Coconut Water

No experience in Thailand or the sunny beaches of Pattaya is complete without a taste of coconut water. Enjoy it the tropical way, straight from the nut. Vendors selling fresh coconut are especially popular around the beach areas. They will deftly slice away the top of the coconut, stick a straw in and let you savour the refreshingly cool and sweet water.