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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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6 Best Malaysian Food Dishes to Try Out – Try out the Best in the Country's Local Cuisine

It's crazy and even scandalous to visit Malaysia and not indulge in the native dishes found in the country. Try the following irresistible dishes for an experience you'll be troubled to find elsewhere!


Roti Canai

Most commonly consumed for breakfast, it is a type of flat bread that is best when eaten with curry. Roti Canai is extremely popular in the country and is offered in a number of varieties which depend on the stall you drop by. Some of the varieties include it being served with bananas or with an egg inside it (known as roti telur). Basically put, the combinations you can have with Roti Canai are endless.


Nasi Lemak

Roughly translating to fatty rice, it quite aptly defines the dish. The rice is cooked using coconut milk and topped off with anchovies, sambol and in certain cases with eggs. Nasi Lemak is served in two forms; either as a normal dish atop a plate or wrapped in banana leaves. A very popular dish among both the natives and the tourists, one can easily find Nasi Lemak at any restaurant in Sepang.


Egg Tarts

A treat borrowed from the British during the Colonial Era, egg tarts are quite the hype in Kuala Lumpur. A trend begun by the coffee shops in the city, they quickly grew in popularity until every bakery on the street sold them. Certain bakeries use lard for the pastries while the majority of them make use of butter or margarine. Taste wise, some make it sweet while some bakers add ginger for a twist.


Mee Rebus

Translating to "boiled noodles", this dish comes in a multitude of versions; sometimes made with potatoes, sometimes with beef and on certain occasions with lime juice. The dish is not difficult to make but involves a large number of ingredients that make for a time consuming task. Mee Rebus is best when made for a crowd as it is quite easy to serve. The popularity of the dish is such that it is served at almost all major hotels and resorts such as the AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort.


Captain's Chicken Curry

Captain's Chicken Curry is a fine example of authentic Nyonya cuisine, which basically means it is a blend of both Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. An intricately made paste is the basis of the dish and the spiciness is counterbalanced with a hint of sugar for sweetness. Tamarind is made use of to obtain the right balance of sourness. This dish is also known as Kari Kapitan in certain corners of the country.


Assam laksa

Ranked twenty sixth on the "World's 50 most delicious foods" list made by CNN, the dish comes in multiple variants depending on where you have it from. The principal elements are shredded fish (usually mackerel), vegetables such as onion, chili and spices such as ginger. The dish is most commonly served with thick or thin rice noodles. On the side of toppings, it comes with a prawn paste.