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List of Attractions in Wadduwa – A Beach Hub, a Holiday Mecca

The coastal town of Wadduwa, Sri Lanka, is a little bit of beach paradise. The blue ocean and golden beaches aren't its only highlights, however, here are a few more.



Sri Lanka is famous for its temples and Wadduwa stands in close proximity to some of the country's most iconic Buddhist shrines. The landmark temple of Kalutara, or the Kalutara Viharaya, is one of the island nation's most revered shrines and is renowned as the world's only hollow shrine. Other must-visit highlights are the picturesque Rankoth Viharaya, which stands magisterially on a massive rock overlooking the surrounding town, and the Wadduwa temple which is also the cultural epicentre of the coastal town.


Fishing Villages

The seaside hamlet of Wadduwa is packed with charming little fishing communities and villages that provide visitors with a fascinating and personal look into the unique lives of these vibrant peoples. The individuals of these communities and villages have relied on fishing for their survival for generations, their kind-hearted and persevering spirit is inspiring to behold and will leave a lasting impression on every visitor's heart. There are spectacular sunset catamaran cruises available to those visiting the villages as well! The fishing villages and temples are easily accessible from hotels along the Wadduwa coast like the Blue Water Hotel and Spa.


Toddy Tapping

Toddy tapping is one of the most fascinating attractions in Wadduwa! A trade passed down through generations, the cultural phenomenon has been a crucial part of rural life in Sri Lanka for centuries. Visitors can witness the awe-inspiring and daring daily routine that toddy tappers undertake every day, a routine that involves great agility, balance and mental stamina to perform, and learn about the exact art of making toddy while enjoying a glass themselves.


Coconut Fibre Hubs

Of the wide array of trade enterprises in Wadduwa, it is best known, perhaps, for its leading coconut fibre product manufacturing industry. The streets of Wadduwa are littered with vendors selling lovely merchandise including exquisitely weaved baskets, coir carpets and mattresses. The eco-friendly goods are all crafted by hand and make great souvenirs! They are often reasonably priced, but, one might need to haggle a bit! Visitors can learn more about the craftsmanship at local workshops, where one can watch expert weavers create items and even try their hand at it. Local hotels, or even the vendors themselves, might be able to tell you where workshops are being held.


Beaches and Water Sports

Being a coastal town, Wadduwa is, of course, home to some fantastic beaches. Golden sands fringed with stretches of verdant palms that lean towards cerulean waters and shimmering surf. What more could one ask for? The beaches are relatively uncrowded and are a great place to swim or just relax. There are also water sports available for the more adrenaline heavy traveller; windsurfing is particularly popular in the area. The Wadduwa beaches are also used to play beach volleyball, which is the national sport of Sri Lanka, with nets already in place in some places.