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Updated by Desired Smiles on May 29, 2021
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Avoid These 10 Common Habits to Damage Your Teeth

Bad Habits are the main reason for all dental problems. Have a look at this infographic to understand the common mistakes we do which lead to oral diseases. Call Desired Smiles at 905-637-5463 for any dental problems.


10 Common Teeth Damaging Habits That You Need to Stop Today. Bad Habits are the cause of most of the dental problems. Read this infographic to understand the common bad habits and how they harm your teeth. Desired Smiles provides a solution for all of your dental problem. Call 905-637-5463 or visit for any queries.

How to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy at Home?

Good oral health doesn’t mean having a beautiful smile. Your teeth and gums should be strong and healthy; free of decay and diseases. Ignoring oral hygiene can lead to diseases of teeth and gums such as cavities, decay, gum disease, dry mouth, oral cancer, and many more. Read this blog post to learn about tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy at home.

Which Treatment is a Better: Root Canal or Tooth Extraction?

Root canal treatment is always preferred over tooth extraction for treating a serious tooth infection as the root canal treatment aims to remove the infected or inflamed pulp from inside the tooth and save your natural tooth instead of extracting it. Read this blog post to further learn about the benefits of root canal treatment over tooth extraction.