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Headline for Leisure and Recreational Water Sports - A Holiday Maker's Pleasure
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Leisure and Recreational Water Sports - A Holiday Maker's Pleasure

Water sports are the most popular amongst leisure activities, especially when on holiday. Head over to a tropical destination and you have a list of activities to choose from below.



Just about all seaside vacation spots will offer boating as a popular recreational activity. Even lake vacations offer the thrill of boat rides across shimmering bodies of water. Sailboat tours on self-hire vessels are extremely popular, especially in the Gulf, while boat excursions to islands are some of the best experiences in the Caribbean and Maldives. Apart from leisure sailing, boating includes the lure of fishing and includes yachts that offer deep sea fishing as well as romantic sojourns, coupled with popular night fishing options. Night fishing is offered by many major hotel chains in the Maldives.


Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is a prominent sport at all seaside resorts. The Maldives, Bahamas, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and loads of other tropical destinations offer exotic vacations where one can marvel at underwater worlds. The sport is so popular that many top resorts offer PADI diving certification, where novices, some as young as 10 years, can obtain their diving certification. Expert instructors are available to guide you along the way, enticing many non-divers to try their hand at the sport. If you are interested in a spot of scuba diving, look for hotels or resorts that offer a dive club, similar to those under Minor Hotels, as they offer sports centres with expert training for exploring the depths of the ocean.


Motorised Water Sports

Adrenaline junkies can't seem to get enough of these high-octane water sports. Enjoy thrills of jet skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing, personal hydrofoils and many other new experiences. Speed boating is another favourite amongst the modern tourist while water skiing, mono-skiing and jet skiing are others in demand too.


Surfing, Wind Surfing and Kayaking

Surfing is an all-time favourite that can be pursued at locations across the globe. Surfing safaris are extremely popular at some tropical destinations while schools that train visitors in the art of windsurfing prove how popular the sport is. Kayaking can be enjoyed at a beach or lake destination. A relaxing water sport that can be taken on solo or in a group, the tandem kayak, is a popular choice. These almost independent water sports have grown in popularity over the years and are offered at many resorts that have an access to the sea, river or lake.


White Water Rafting

Another sport that feeds the adrenaline junky, white water rafting is available at various levels. Holiday destinations close to rivers and rapids offer visitors the choice of beginner, intermediate and professional rafting tours.


One Day Boat Tours

These types of tours are growing in popularity. For example, day tours to the Great Barrier Reef have grown in leaps and bounds as motorised vessels are able to carry a large number of people across bodies of water and to their most iconic attractions.